Femoids vs Gynoids.

Do you ever wonder why feminists protest so much about sex robots? Most people will point at the obvious fact that they could replace women entirely. However that is a partial truth, since femihags will often insist women need men as much as fish need bikes. Therefore being replaced would “release them from the burden” of acting in the benefit of men.

What femoids truly fear about sex robots is that men will realize there is no real difference between a femoid, and a gynoid. That both are programed and compliant, provided one uses a particular set of tools. And thus women’s rights will be revoked, and while many females will just live the same pampered life they had with or without rights (Especially younger women), femoids will find themselves at the mercy of the same men they abused, and they will turn them into organic gynoids.

Sex robots will provide men with an understanding of how female NPCs work, and if anatomically accurate would allow them to understand female anatomy and biology without the need of a woman to allow them to observe it. This would also lead to men taking the crimson pill (or loli pill) and deciding that the whole notion of sex with women under the age of 18 (Or 20 if we keep allowing femoids to rule over consent laws) would lead to damage to their bodies.

Gynoids would debunk, by being identical to a woman in most ways, all feminist myths and ideals, and effectively lead to the destruction of feminism and the extinction of the Western femoid.

As any natural development of humanity, sex robots benefit the patriarchy. After all most builders in history have been men, with a few patriarchal women joining the ranks of creators, instead of consumers.

Women are not negatively affected by the patriarchy, femoids are.

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