We must reinstate dowry ASAP.

While dowry is not precisely essential to preserve male sexuality or restore the sex market value of men and women under 18, it is essential to prove a more important thing. That one’s wife is debt free.

We all know men like them debt free, after all marriage is an investment and a negative investment is not acceptable. Marrying at a loss is something neither men nor women want. However since women spend more money than they earn due to their desire to gain attention through material wealth, they are more likely to acquire debt while acquiring other things with money they don’t have.

As such dowry becomes useful to prevent such instances of marriage fraud. If men marry only those who have some sort of dowry or are under 18, they will find a vast number of debt free spouses to start a family with. No more debt slave marriages and no more meth indebted wives. Ge the top 90% of women competing for the 100% of men and let the 10% femihags (Based on dwindling UK feminist numbers) die out. Make men have more sex market value than women by making them the coosers through dowry.

Of course to improve male sexualism we could always make any woman under 20 exempt from dowry, encouraging men to marry their daughters and ending agecuckery by making it too expensive to be an agecuck.

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