Ripe Red Fun Fact!

History Fun Fact!
Ketchup was originally a chinese concoction made with fish and spices known in some dialects as kôe-chiap or kê-chiap. The word was modified in different countries until it became Ketchup.
Eventually the food reached England, where it was often made with mushrooms. This form of ketchup is still available in United Kingdom.
Tomato Ketchup is rather recent and originally had fish in it. Nowadays there are many ketchup variants with ingredients such as fruits and mushrooms, and tomato ketchup is the leading American condiment.

A moderately, and modestly fun history fact.

History fun fact! Graham crackers, and Graham flour in general was meant to kill boners.
Sylvester Graham invented Graham flour as an alternative to common white bread flour which he considered had no nutritional value and increased lust.
He was also a vegan since he considered animal products led to an increased sex drive.
Nowadays his theories about sex drive are held as bogus science, but his interest in the nutritional value of flour is held in high regard since flour additives used to bleach flour proved to be toxic and in general using all the grain is healthy.