How I explain #gamergate to people.

I have little new to tell you, but at least I can share what others have to tell.

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Sometimes, I occasionally run into someone that does not know about the movement, or, if they have an idea of it, kind of take the anti-gamergate site without understanding why.

As a firm believer in both the first amendment, and personal freedoms, I have no problem if you decide to fall on the anti-gg side of the argument.

But then the journalist side of me kicks in, and the only thing I want to do is give you the facts.

This is how I try to explain #gamergate to people.

-What is #gamergate?

#GamerGate is an online hashtag-movement / consumer revolt, based on perceived breaches of journalism ethics and standards on video gaming news sites, video game developers relations with these video gaming news sites, and protecting the “gamer” identity.

Recently, however, it has been evolving to both an ethical revolt, trying to push for ethics not just for gaming…

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