How to cure a pedophile?

I have been wondering something. Is it possible to make a pedophile cease their interest in children?

Well. Maybe it is. But that would require a change in our world view.

Over the years I have observed how marriages work, how relationships develop, and how love functions as part of human nature.

Those who believe in the notion of humanity as evil tend to argue love is non existent. However love is real, even if it is just a chemical reaction, love exists. And love changes people, often for the better.

My proposed solution is based on the extrapolation of something we see everyday. Functional males tend to display this behavior, and it might exist in functional pedophiles too.

Men who are in love, really in love, with their spouses, who feel loved and express genuine affection, tend to hold on to their partner for quite a long time,  and actually don’t care about how old she is, they keep on considering her the standard by which he measures everyone else.

This was damaged by feminism. Feminism in fact ruined love in so many ways many now believe it is a lie. But if you look at men who are untouched by feminism and marry women untouched by it, they cease caring for the age of their partner. No matter how old she is, they love her.

That’s where my weird idea comes into place. To cure a pedophile, to really cure him, all you need to do is getting him a wife. Yes. Maybe he will seek a prepubescent, but if he actually loves her, and feels loved by her, even when she turns 20 he will still see the same girl he fell in love with fifteen years ago. He might be 38, but he will still love her, and if he’s loved back, he will lose all interest in other women.

Men are loyal and honorable when not touched by the stain of feminism and lack of masculinity, and that is why many men in the past who were pedophiles were unnoticed. As such to cure a pedophile all we might need could be to give them a wife… Unless they’re MAPS or NAMBLA. Those guys are stuck in the feminist program and might never be able to recover from the resulting lack of loyalty.