Vampyric Fun Fact

History Fun Fact!

Vlad the impaler’s reputation as a tyrant could be an exaggeration. In Romania he is held in high regard as a national hero, and most accounts of violence from him are based on claims made by his political opponents.

Most Romanian historians consider his acts of cruelty were necessary to preserve the safety of his nation and his people. And it is generally considered that his acts of cruelty were not much worse than those of other contemporary rulers during conflict.

The idea of him being a vampire is also at odds with his historic identity and his depiction in Romania. Romanian myths tell of him fighting strigoi (Local vampires) and other demonic and pagan forces, and Vlad Dracula was a devout christian, rejecting Islam during his time as Murad II’s prisoner. Contrary to his brother Radu who converted to Islam. In fact Vlad Dracula was at odds with the Pope because, to Dracula, the Pope did not provide enough help to prevent the Ottoman expansion in Wallachian territory.

Vlad the impaler was actually a devout christian who opposed the spread of Islam and the Ottoman empire in his nation and protected his people, not a sadistic tyrant.

Ripe Red Fun Fact!

History Fun Fact!
Ketchup was originally a chinese concoction made with fish and spices known in some dialects as kôe-chiap or kê-chiap. The word was modified in different countries until it became Ketchup.
Eventually the food reached England, where it was often made with mushrooms. This form of ketchup is still available in United Kingdom.
Tomato Ketchup is rather recent and originally had fish in it. Nowadays there are many ketchup variants with ingredients such as fruits and mushrooms, and tomato ketchup is the leading American condiment.

A moderately, and modestly fun history fact.

History fun fact! Graham crackers, and Graham flour in general was meant to kill boners.
Sylvester Graham invented Graham flour as an alternative to common white bread flour which he considered had no nutritional value and increased lust.
He was also a vegan since he considered animal products led to an increased sex drive.
Nowadays his theories about sex drive are held as bogus science, but his interest in the nutritional value of flour is held in high regard since flour additives used to bleach flour proved to be toxic and in general using all the grain is healthy.

Science history fun fact!

History Fun Fact!
Antoine Lavoisier was by contemporary standards what many could mistakenly consider a pedophile.
At his 28 years of age Antoine Lavoisier married Marie-Anne Paulze Lavoisier who was the daughter of Jacques Paulze, Antoine’s coworker at Ferme générale. At the time of the marriage she was 13 years old, and part of the reason of the marriage was to hinder a marriage proposal from a 50 year old guy. This however did not mean Antoine and Marie-Anne were not fond of each other.
While there is no proof he was a pedophile, there is a good chance he was a hebephile since hebephilia was actually held as the norm at the time.
Proof of their healthy relationship was that she eventually became Antoine’s trustworthy laboratory assistant and that she retained his last name even after Antoine’s execution during the Reign of Terror. She eventually got married again, but refused to change her last name again and the new marriage did not last, much likely due to Marie-Anne’s undying loyalty to her first husband. She also preserved Antoine’s legacy and published his final memoirs.
It is worth to note that she would not gain anything from keeping the Lavoisier last name since all their valuables were confiscated and their social status was brought down so any argument against that as proof of her loyalty is baseless.
In the end Antoine and Marie-Anne’s marriage was proof that arranged marriages were not always fucked up, that age difference is not a big deal once one hits puberty, and that intelligent people attract each other no matter the circumstances.
We should have more marriages like the Lavoisier marriage and less marriages like the Jenner-Kardashian marriage.

Mein History Fun Fact

History Fun Fact!
According even to Nazi personel, Adolf Hitler consumed many outlandish drugs, some of which had detrimental effects on him. All of this under the advice of Dr. Theodor Morell, a rather unsavory man who even was described by Hitler’s personal circle as a man who exhuded a disgusting odor, and the man was also notable for being a quack scientist and treating Hitler with untested or even less than useful drugs and concoctions which included meth, fluids extracted from bull seminal vescicles and rat poison.
Not only that, Morell became one of Hiler’s most trusted man and even saved him from an assassination atempt. Basically Morell was one of Hitler’s mistakes during his rise to power. Hitler was so obsessed with trusting Morell that when he was accused of injecting Hitler with rat poison (strychnine) by Morell’s detractors, to surprise of all, Hitler supported him.