Symptom of a disease.

I find it laughable how many people call me a monster for liking teenagers as much as I like women and for not liking “cougars”. How dare they call me a monster, or a sick man, when they accept life in a sick world.

How is it possible for them to not see the disease when things such as Ashley Madison exist. A company that exists for the sole purpose of encouraging, infidelity, adultery and affairs. Such a thing is unacceptable.

The reason monogamy exists is to prevent child mortality and paternity fraud. Places such as Ashley Madison only create unstable and painful lives. I care little about how many partners one has, but all parties must agree on that. I am neutral to polygamy, but I find affairs, infidelity, and adultery, unacceptable for the same reason it is wrong to make deals behind the back of a business partner, especially to the detriment of said partner.

It is evident our society, which is more likely to send lynch mobs to a guy in his 30s for even suggesting dating a 15 year old woman, is ill and twisted. After all, the fact that they are ready to kill someone harmless while allowing an evil and sickening stain that causes social friction and conflict is a sign that nowadays things are done out of whims, and not the well being of the world.

I offer a solution, and that solution will save us all. Revoke all feminist laws, that is all laws pertaining sex, marriage, and voting, written from 1810 onwards. Start from tat clean slate and build a new system based on freedom instead of equality, execute or imprison all feminists, and finally punish anyone who encourages the decadent ideas supported openly by feminism, such as infidelity and casual sex.

My solution is sincerely radical, but it is out of necesity, and not cruelty, that I call for it. After all the infection that is killing us has gone too far and only a fever could fix it.

Avoid discussing with abuse victims.

This is today’s advice focused on the discussion on age of consent laws. Avoid discussing with victims of actual abuse.

Their perspective on life in general is shaped by the scar of the suffering went through. Most of them have not reached the point of overcoming that suffering and are overly emotional to anything that reminds them of their plight.

It is ill advised to discuss such matters with those who have seen the negative end unless they have already come to terms with that they went through and are aware that their experience is not the only possible outcome in life.

Anyone who feels the way they were treated by a demographic is the only way that demographic will treat others in similar cases is clearly unable to reason, and probably will turn violent and hostile. Such persons should be avoided in debates. It is both in their best interest and one’s best interest to not talk on the matter that upsets them. After all it will be harder for them to grow out of it if it is constantly brought.

Part of the problem however is how prone they are to enter arguments or look for the topic that hurts them. Probably they do so as a coping mechanism, seeking compassion from others, or as means to validate the position they have taken due to their pain. What we know for sure is that these people are damaged and until they heal they won’t be able to reach any reasonable stance.

What is better for them is to heal instead of growing hysterical. However with media always poking at their wounds and making their experiences ubiquitous in police dramas and other sources of “entertainment” they are more likely to grow even more polarized and hostile.

Is it possible for Mothers to teach boys how to be men?

The simplest answer is, logically, not at all. And it is true, since a woman can’t teach courting to a man, especially because of all the feminist nonsense taking over the general mindset of society.

However something is better than nothing, and mothers are capable of teaching boys many things they will find useful as men. In this case I am speaking of physical skills both men and women need, as well as a few pieces of wisdom which are useful to any human being.

I grew up with a far left father who actually believed men should be passive and refused to teach me anything that could prove dangerous, including how to drive or shave myself. Unfortunately I reached puberty early in life, and by age fourteen I had a full grown beard. It was my mother who would teach me how to shave my own face, instead of my father. Fortunately it was just as useful and effective. The same thing happened with skills such as cooking and general human skills everyone should learn at some point.

She of course felt a burden because she could not teach me anything about dating or how to develop social skills the way men do, and she was also entirely unable to drive, so I would need someone else to teach me those skills. A role male teachers and relatives would take. The absence of my father in my upbringing was not nearly as harmful as it was to most men. Of course most of those men ended up drinking soy lattes or in jail, and I have become a professional writer.

The crucial factor was as follows. My mother is a strongly patriarchal woman who insists “women’s liberation and rights” came at the cost of sacrificing both male and female sanity and freedoms. She saw the charade of feminism and how on the long run women were harmed by it. Such a woman resulted into a better mother than any feminist mother.

She could never teach me how to be a man, and I had to learn that from men other than my father who, for the sake of “safety”, would refuse to teach me anything dangerous. I learned a few skills from everyone near me but him. In the end it was a proper mother, and my uncle, my grandfather, and a few male teachers, who made me a well adjusted man, with my father actually trying to impose feminist ideals in me during my teenage years. Ironically it was my father, and not my mother, who spewed nonsense about “rape culture” or the “inherent evil of men”.

To all ladies reading this, never marry a male feminist. They will harm your children more than any other type of father, and will burden you with the task of being the father figure.