MAPS should go suck a dick.

Last week something caught fire in my region, and then it died out in about three days.

There was a “MAP movement” prowling on social media, trying to hang on the alphabet soup movement and all. They even had their own striped flag, with pastel colors.

Predictably, it failed. First of all the alphabet soup movement has been always against straight guys who like younger women, even back when they were the LGB rights movement. Also keep in mind the globohomo movement likes only homosexual pedophilia.

As such a bunch of pedophiles and non pedophiles calling themselves “minor attracted persons” would be quickly pushed away from those political movements.

Their second mistake was trying to use the tactics of those who hated them the most. Even their euphemistic name was just pathetic. Come on! At least be straightforward about your intentions! If you find prepubescents sexually appealing, you’re a pedophile. Otherwise you’re not. So, first of all start dividing the pedophiles among you from the rest.

If you lump pedophiles together with non pedophiles, it will make things harder to you all, and will lead to conflicted goals. If one of you just want to destigmatize the entirely natural interest in teenagers, and the other is a pedophile, that will lead to conflict.

Finally their third mistake was being pure cringe. They literally used the same tactics of those who hate them, and tried to form an alliance with the LGBT lobby and its feminist-Marxist owners. They were doomed from start, and now they face the consequences of their stupidity. I hope we all learn from the mistakes of the “MAP community” and understand we can’t try to ally with the very same enemy who changed the laws against us.

Those imbeciles just made it harder for us to end the feminist programming, all thanks to their attempt at joining forces with the enemy, and continue the conflation of pedophilia with things that are NOT pedophilia.

Feminism is a disease.

This was evidence by its comorbidity with the current pandemic threatening our planet.

While everyone was on lockdown, trying to take safety measures to survive the current downfall of society, a bunch of feminists engaged in a public march, which worsened the infected numbers in Spain.

The act was so harmful now the Spanish political organization tied to it, Unimos Podemos, faces accusations of causing harm to the country.

Feminists were so focused on their political cause, and gaining power, they forgot they had to stay home, and stay safe.

We don’t know how many got infected by that public protest, or how many innocents got infected thanks to some stupid femihag spitting at them. What we know is feminism is a disease with comorbidity to deadly, infectious pathogens.