Slowly and steady. Memetic power.

I am, perhaps, the only remaining defender of male sexuality on the bloggosphere. Everyone else was either erased or taken by the feminist brainwashing machine.

But, the reason I stand strong is because the bloggosphere is not my core sector. I diversify, and show patience. I go wherever the discussion occurs, and drop truth bombs there.

But I am not always straightforward. Sometimes I suggest people to look it up, or invite them to the rabbithole by showing them they were lied to without telling them what was the lie.

As time passes I see more men speaking up. Some with even more radical views than mine. Even views I do not approve (Amos Yee would be an example). And those voices become a meme.

Their words, even the most nonsensical ones, carry a simple question. “What if?”

What if we were lied to? What if age gap relationships are not bad? What if teenagers aren’t children? What if consent is about something other than politics? What if there is a hidden agenda behind pedohysteria?

Once thos equestion set inside a mind, they will start searching for answers. And answers can be offered. They will see them. They will read the studies and question more. They will read about Ernest Belfort Bax, and question more. They will read about Josephine Butler, and question more.

And once they have seen it all, once they have seen the truths hidden in plain sight, thye will react. Thei reality will crumble. The paradigm of lies will fade. With the lies exposed, these people will return to truth, and understand what we have been saying for years.

And thus there won’t be one “Tom Grauer” losing his mind, or a “Elvind Berge” betraying us all. Even the bold Anti-Feminist who lost his hope will recover it. For it will be no longer a one man challenge. We will be a thousandfold. All brave. All daring. All aware of the truth.

And how does that work? Simple. “What if?” is a powerful memetic virus. It affects the subconscious. It creates the idea of possibility, of a reality beyond one’s reach. And by making the unreachable possible, we will change the paradigm and liberate humanity from the shackles of feminism.

But not everyone is meant to know from start. Not everyone must hear the “What if?” at the same time. There is a specific group of people who need to think of it. That group are those most affected by the current paradigm. Men ages 20 and up, fathers in particular, and women ages 25 and under, those of barely legal or nearing legal age in particular.

These two demographics suffer under the current damaged relationship market. Women who suffer the disappointments of low quality men from a very young age because feminism cuts their options to a very limited pool of the least ideal. Men who suffer either abandonment or the suffering of their daughters.

These are the demographics which gain no benefit from the current relationship market. A market which is not derregulated. It is controlled by ill intentioned forces.

These affected demographics, if shown that there was another way, a better way, a happy ending to their suffering, will start a new path. They will reflect on the lies they are constantly fed by the media.

Slow and steady the ememtic war will be won. And maybe, just maybe, we are not using a memetic virus, but an antybody. For feminism was a memetic disease. One which spreads so fast we haven’t been able to stop it in two hundred years. One which is unsustainable and is killing us.

And now, thankts to the internet, we can fight back. We can fight back online and offline. We can bring the “What if?” to everyone we know. And when we do. We will change the world for the better.

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