No fap is a personal matter.

For some reason the no-fap camp fails to understand the real use and purpose of their cause.

It is no about making you more attractive, stronger, or even preserving your constantly recycled cells. It is about building will power and self control.

We all know a guy or two who just can’t spend half a day without sexual stimulation. A guy who neglects his responsibilities for the sake of sexual gratification.

That’s the person who needs to train that self control. And not just through november, not just until he lands a partner. That guy must practice self control regularly. Until masturbation is no longer an addiction to him.

For everyone else it is not a must. And going around preaching your way as the only way, especially to control someone else’s habits, is pretty much what feminists do to men.

So stop trying to trick men into believing their lives will improve overnight just by quitting masturbation. That won’t fix it all.

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