Robert Lindsay met The “Good Censor”.

Robert Lindsay, a male sexualist I first heard of about one or two months ago had his blog terminated. A usual practice among the Western tech industry that will gladly unperson anyone who dares speak against the feminist narrative.

Lindsay’s blong had some interesting insights on the matter which hopefully were archived before the Good Censor paid him a visit. And to anyone reading this, Lindsay is first, you are next.

Yes. You heard it. Robert Lindsay is just one of the current casualties. Even if you are still a blue knight, or some bluepilled bloke, following the mainstream false narrative, the Good Censor will grab you by the balls.

A leaked Google memo from which the term “Good Censor” came from is making it evident the Western tech industry is willing to censor views in order to preserve the crumbling narrative concocted by feminism.

I sure hope Lindsay will return and keep providing useful information, preferably aiming at crimson pilling those blue knights and blue pill NPCs crowding the world, but first there must be a platform that actually supports free speech.


Robert Lindsay was Shut Down by the Nu-Males at WordPress

Reblogging this. I will write in more detail on the matter later on.

Male Sexualism Blog

Robert Lindsay, a Communist Male Sexualist blogger, was exiled away to the Siberian gulag by the Stalinists working at WordPress, presumably because he had images of sexy teenagers on his blog, which is against the terms of the service.

We all wish Comrade Robert the best of luck in finding a new platform, which will be added to the Male Sexualist Aggregator if and when that happens.

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Acquittal in the hysteric world.

Back in September 2nd news came to me regarding a Japanese producer from the company named TBS (The Japanese one, not the Western one) was arrested for “kidnapping” a teenage girl he was found with boarding a train.

His actual crime? Being stupid. In September 22 he was cleared of all charges after a “settlement” with the girl’s parents.

The thing is, while it won’t be easy to reach a proper assumption of what truly happened without prying into the privacy of all the involved parties, it is evident the girl was unharmed.

The teenager in question apparently ran away and in a reflex of stupidity the meek 30 year old producer decided to help her in her dumb-ass escape.

There are two lessons to learn. First. Older men are not as much of a threat as society is, since the girl probably had a reason, no matter how sordid it was, to run away from home. And second. Don’t be a hero. Don’t help women in need. Even if the woman in question won’t object, there will be some fucked up white or blue knight who will show up and fuck you for helping them.

Until feminism is over, the actual way to help women is not helping them or actually braving break the law and do anything in  your power to eliminate obstacles to your own interests pertaining her safety.

This society discourages heroics.

Clubbing is not worth it.

I went to a nightclub once. I left few minutes after entering the club and went to my restaurant of preference.

Clubbing is one of the most vacuous activities of this century, especially when it comes to seeking love interests. Going to a place with bad, and overpriced food and drink, full of people with nothing better to do than letting their income go down the drain, and drunken femoids with no intellect.

It is just neither healthy nor worthy of our time. It is almost 100% guaranteed that any individual who willingly enters a night club is either holding ulterior motives or simply stupid.

And it is worse for men. Any woman you meet at a night club is more likely to accuse you of rape, especially after engaging in drunken sex, than a woman you meet around your neighborhood or job. Especially since normally drunk women are trashier than sober ones.

Nowadays people are encouraged to go clubbing and try to seek a random hookup in the trash can, but both night clubs and hookup culture are harmful to healthy families, and harmful to a proper society. They lower the sex market value of both men and women, and are the antithesis to what society should go for.

Consider the following. It is more likely to end up as a cuckold (Or cuckqueen) if you form a relationship with someone who wanted just a quick hookup at some seedy nightclub.

Hookup culture and clubbing are bad for both men and women. And that explains why feminist controlled media supports both so strongly. Relationships that last one night, places where nothing of purpose blooms. The nest of the id.

Jerry Pournelle’s Iron Law of Bureaucracy Partly Explains Why Our Sexuality is Illegal

Male Sexualism Blog

In any bureaucracy, the people devoted to the benefit of the bureaucracy itself always get in control and those dedicated to the goals the bureaucracy is supposed to accomplish have less and less influence, and sometimes are eliminated entirely:

In any bureaucratic organization there will be two kinds of people: those who work to further the actual goals of the organization, and those who work for the organization itself. Examples in education would be teachers who work and sacrifice to teach children, vs. union representatives who work to protect any teacher including the most incompetent. The Iron Law states that in all cases, the second type of person will always gain control of the organization, and will always write the rules under which the organization functions.

Read the iron law. Understand the iron law. Memorize the iron law.

Why do law enforcement agencies agitate for stricter penalization of male sexuality?…

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Parenting advice: Never lie to your children.

This should be a logical statement, and in fact considered obvious parenting advice. Yet still I consider it necessary to write this small piece.

Over the years I noticed children are lied to more often than necessary for different reasons.

About a year ago I remember I was told a 13 year old guy I met still believed Santa Claus was real. The guy has asperger’s, but from where I stand that is no excuse for him believing such ridiculous and absurd thing.

From there on I understood one of the core issues with helicopter parenting. Discussing it with my relatives I found out many of them heard the “stork” myth or the “cabbage patch” one for a long time before realizing humans, like any other mammal, were born as a result of pregnancy.

The fact that people way past their first decade hear, believe, or repeat unscientific claims and blatant lies is part of our current social problems.

To begin with, children are extremely curious, a human trait that lasts for at least the first two decades of one’s life, and sometimes even until our sixth decade, when our bodies are rather worn out and can no longer sustain the same vigor. Therefore they will seek answers to many questions, and will go to their parents, who they rely on, for answers.

They will notice when someone lies, and when they don’t notice the blatant lie, the moment truth is revealed they will start weighing on how trustworthy their relatives are.

In both cases, a child who has been lied to will find it easier to lie as an adult, and the first ones to become a target to lies will be those the child interacted the most with. That is, if you lie to your 5 year old son, don’t be surprised when he lies to you at age 16 after a drinking binge.

The second reason to avoid lies is because they both undermine the credibility of one, and reinforce the lies of others. Anyone who is lied to in adulthood will cease to trust those who are closer and instead will seek truth through “reputable sources” which are known to lie.

Adding to this, whether they believe in lies or not, they will always remain complacent and seek only a surface “truth” which won’t conflict with the world view they are used to. Most bluepill individuals are both used to lie and to be lied to. So, in order to guide people to seek facts and truth as they are, one must start by never telling lies to those close to one.

In case you, as a parent, consider your child is not fit to learn a piece of information at that particular moment, it is better to tell them to ask when they are older, and avoid delaying the answer for too long, tan to make up a retarded lie such as the “stork” thing.

Women’s rights should be put into question.

Laws have been made in a way that women’s rights are a negative. Why? Because they are full of double standards.

In theory it sounds great to make sure one’s mother and daughters have rights that guarantee their survival. But thanks to feminism, women began to abuse their rights. As such it is time to end the double standards by punishing them for violating the rules.

Recently I caught a woman cheating on her spouse. The same woman chastises male cheaters, she did so just hours ago being caught. Such a woman should have all her rights revoked and be set at the mercy of those she wronged.

Such women should be set straight through physical action to ensure society will function.