Yes he’s back. Back again.

Tommy’s back. Tell your friends.

Tom Grauer, someone often antagonized by many due to his constant showmanship and his willingness to take one for the team and drag his own reputation to levels never seen of disdain and humiliation within the manosphere, has returned.

One of the pioneers of male sexualism and one of the first proponents of a manifesto, as well as a few core tenets by which most male sexualists abide, has returned. This time with his own written manifesto, which, unlike his on stage persona, is quite serious, straightforward, concise, and lacking of the most intentionally inflammatory proposals he made in the past to push his opponents into an angry fit.

This time he addresses the core of Male Sexualism. Whether you agree or disagree with his positions, which in the case of this manifesto I mostly agree, he is indeed part of the paradigm shift we need as a world to recover from the damage caused by feminism.

While I myself have limited interest in writing a manifesto, I am glad he did deliver on this project he suggested back in late 2017 and early 2018. After basically a year, it is out, and I will leave the link below.

Radical Male Sexualist Manifesto

Maybe the anti porn crowd is right.

Yes. I said it. Maybe the no-fap and anti porn guys are right to some extent.

Recently I remembered something someone said online. Nowadays we are able to find the most degrading and disgusting pornographic content by just making a click.

Well. I am all for freedom and I don’t care if you are in the mood of watching gangbang bukkake rape simulation granny porn. But for some reason I feel there’s something wrong in a society that finds it entirely healthy and normal to watch such unpleasant things yet would lynch a 30 year old man who wants to hold hands and go on a date with a 15 year old woman, even if there is no immediate sexual intent.

Maybe the fact that porn has reached a level of depravity that could make the Marquis de Sade laugh makes people think their daughters risk engaging in such behavior if they date someone over their age.

Maybe one of the reasons for paedo hysteria is that people who watch things that are no longer erotic, but rather obscene and even sometimes violent and rather exaggerated fear their daughters might end up doing that.

Well. I will admit. I would be comfortable with seeing my teenage daughter dating her teacher or the widowed father of one of her peers, but I would be rather worried if she dated someone who would try to donkey punch her, and I would certainly prefer to not witness her engaging in felching.

Of course, I find such sex acts, often limited to porn and rarely seen in day to day vanilla sex, rather unpleasant, and in the case of donkey punch, it is almost entirely fictional and could cause severe injury.

Maybe it is because people watch really nasty things that they fear their daughters will find someone who watches similarly nasty or even nastier raunchy smut and find her being the protagonist of that man’s fetishes.

Maybe if we made sex into something sacred and not dirty, and as such reduced porn and promiscuity, we could end the pedo hysteria for good.

After all there’s something amazing in pure vanilla sex that all that raunchy smut can’t beat. At least such is my experience.

Archive everything.

Every now and then I seek one of the sources I use for research and find out it is gone. In such situations it is preferable to have an archive link. Otherwise that data might be out of access to you unless you are trained in digital forensics.

Especially when it comes to data pertaining controversial material that goes against the mainstream narrative built by liars and agenda driven politicians you might need to constantly archive anything you find useful, lest someone attempts to crush your dreams or the source you found decided to just jump off a bridge and go missing.

Never rely on others when it comes to information. All data is biased and must be cross compared. All sources might fall. Everyone will try to deceive you. Never lower your guard.

Sense of irony.

We have spoken constantly here over how it is feminists who want to criminalize age gap relationships, especially if the younger partner is under 18. And they do so always under the “think of the children” statement.

But I find that ironic considering their position on abortion. Now, as long as it is during the first month, before there is a central nervous system, I couldn’t care less about an abortion. And actually I believe there are some people who shouldn’t reproduce anyway, such as feminists.

However what I find insane and unacceptable is what people in Virginia, in the United States, are trying to push. That is late term third trimester abortion. That is allow mothers to abort babies that are already developed enough to deliver, or kill a newborn.

These bastards who speak of protecting the children to bar teenagers from having relationships with older people are the same who practice infanticide with a cold face.

The sense of irony is strong here.