My unthinkable proposal.

Last night I watched a documentary on the, quite disgusting if you ask me, child prostitution industry in my country.

Two things got me thinking through the night the most.

The first was that these children, some of them already young adults but defined as children by morality based standards, always had  an explanation as to why they were involved in the business. From poverty to a mere act of curiosity, all of them got involved, willingly or not, and inflicted subsequent harm to themselves.

The second was that most customers were not even locals, but rather American, Middle Eastern, and Canadian tourists who did not have access to younger partners in their countries.

In fact, one of the most vile criminal rings tied to this was founded by Lebanese immigrants.

This tells us one important thing, something you should take into account. High ages of consent created this black market.

If the age of consent was lowered back to 12 in America, and instead of forbidding teenagers from having sex we forbade prostitution among anyone under the age of 20, there would be less “child” and child prostitution, while an increase in normal male sexuality would flourish.

There is demand, and there is prohibition. Therefore there is a black market. And when the black market involves people as products, things get really ugly. Substance abuse, self harm, and even murder revolve around this trade, and the only real option I can think of is legalizing most of the “merchandise” and give men a legal alternative.

Now. There is a real issue with prepubescents here, since we shouldn’t legalize sex with actual children, that is prepubescent humans. How do we prevent them from being the target of a black market then?

Well. As I said. By making prostitution of anyone over 20 legal, to begin with. The second step would be, perhaps, legalizing all those sinister pixels and preventing new ones from being made. Maybe even bu legalizing those controversial sex dolls.

My plan is not fool proof, and I certainly need to consider the most optimal solution, but my proposal is better than the alternative of perpetuating the black market. We reverted the ban on alcohol to end that black market. Why don’t we revert the more puritanical spinster sibling of booze prohibition? Do you want to wait for an Al Capone of teen and preteen prostitution before understanding this black market came from the high ages of consent imposed by feminism?