MAPs are an enemy.

No. I’m not saying something absurd. MAPs harm us.

The reason is simple. Those fuckers made the effort of connectiong normal sexuality to pedophilia.

If we consider the fact that a 17 year old, a 16 year old, a 15 year old, and a 14 year old are minors, despite being legal in many parts of the world, then an average guy who is age 28 and has a crush on a 15 year old is a MAP. But that’s where the issue is at.

MAPs make it seem as if that 28 yar old guy is the same as a 40 year old guy manipulating a 7 year old boy into sucking his dick in a dark alley.

No. It is not the same. A 30 year old man courting a 15 year old female and taking her to a restaurant for a romantic dinner is extremely different to a rich bastard paying big bucks to fuck a 9 year old boy in a shady underground bunker built by a Jeff who didn’t terminate himself in jail.

But MAPS make it the same. Because pedophiles were their “allies” from start. The very same pedophiles who united with their enemies in the past for the sake of politics. MAPs are “attracted to minors” but minors is such a wide range. Anyone under 23 (One of the highest ages of majority) could count as a minor. But a prepubescent is not the same. A child is not the same.

MAPs made it look like the same. MAPs make us all look like pedophiles. Therefore I disavow, and reject MAPs. Because I don’t want normal male sexual preference to turn guilty by association with pedophilia.

I vocally oppose MAPs because they will damage our natural sexuality.