MAPs are an enemy.

No. I’m not saying something absurd. MAPs harm us.

The reason is simple. Those fuckers made the effort of connectiong normal sexuality to pedophilia.

If we consider the fact that a 17 year old, a 16 year old, a 15 year old, and a 14 year old are minors, despite being legal in many parts of the world, then an average guy who is age 28 and has a crush on a 15 year old is a MAP. But that’s where the issue is at.

MAPs make it seem as if that 28 yar old guy is the same as a 40 year old guy manipulating a 7 year old boy into sucking his dick in a dark alley.

No. It is not the same. A 30 year old man courting a 15 year old female and taking her to a restaurant for a romantic dinner is extremely different to a rich bastard paying big bucks to fuck a 9 year old boy in a shady underground bunker built by a Jeff who didn’t terminate himself in jail.

But MAPS make it the same. Because pedophiles were their “allies” from start. The very same pedophiles who united with their enemies in the past for the sake of politics. MAPs are “attracted to minors” but minors is such a wide range. Anyone under 23 (One of the highest ages of majority) could count as a minor. But a prepubescent is not the same. A child is not the same.

MAPs made it look like the same. MAPs make us all look like pedophiles. Therefore I disavow, and reject MAPs. Because I don’t want normal male sexual preference to turn guilty by association with pedophilia.

I vocally oppose MAPs because they will damage our natural sexuality.

Entering the void.

One of the most crucial Eastern teachings is the idea of entering the void. Śūnyatā. Zen. Kū. All these words mean one single concept. A state of non-self, of dissociation wit the persoal, which allows enlightenment and focus.

I ended up in a few arguments on social media regarding the topics of natural male sexuality, age gap relationships, and pedophilia. By observing the highly emotional behavior of people when they think the last one is even emotely implied I noticed I address the topic bringing up facts, and focused on what those facts are.

I do not make it personal. I, in fact, do not engage with those who make it personal, unless I intend ot cause them discomfort. The more heated things get, the less emotion I feel. And I focus on bringing only facts and reason as my tools.

This ends in either understanding between me and my interlocutor, or the other individual losing her mind and resorting to name calling.

I realized the reason I remain capable of such seriousness is that aforementioned void. By separating my emotions, my personal bias, from the facts, and focusing only on the facts, I manage to both obtain an insight I would miss otherwise and remain calm when insulted.

Entering the void will prove useful to us if we want to fix the damage caused by feminism and puritanism. For the void has no emotion. And emotion is the tool of puritans. Easily tricked and manipulated, emotion is a weakness when dealing with those who intend to deceive or control.

Rserve your emotions for those who deserve them. For everyone else, enter the void.

Slowly and steady. Memetic power.

I am, perhaps, the only remaining defender of male sexuality on the bloggosphere. Everyone else was either erased or taken by the feminist brainwashing machine.

But, the reason I stand strong is because the bloggosphere is not my core sector. I diversify, and show patience. I go wherever the discussion occurs, and drop truth bombs there.

But I am not always straightforward. Sometimes I suggest people to look it up, or invite them to the rabbithole by showing them they were lied to without telling them what was the lie.

As time passes I see more men speaking up. Some with even more radical views than mine. Even views I do not approve (Amos Yee would be an example). And those voices become a meme.

Their words, even the most nonsensical ones, carry a simple question. “What if?”

What if we were lied to? What if age gap relationships are not bad? What if teenagers aren’t children? What if consent is about something other than politics? What if there is a hidden agenda behind pedohysteria?

Once thos equestion set inside a mind, they will start searching for answers. And answers can be offered. They will see them. They will read the studies and question more. They will read about Ernest Belfort Bax, and question more. They will read about Josephine Butler, and question more.

And once they have seen it all, once they have seen the truths hidden in plain sight, thye will react. Thei reality will crumble. The paradigm of lies will fade. With the lies exposed, these people will return to truth, and understand what we have been saying for years.

And thus there won’t be one “Tom Grauer” losing his mind, or a “Elvind Berge” betraying us all. Even the bold Anti-Feminist who lost his hope will recover it. For it will be no longer a one man challenge. We will be a thousandfold. All brave. All daring. All aware of the truth.

And how does that work? Simple. “What if?” is a powerful memetic virus. It affects the subconscious. It creates the idea of possibility, of a reality beyond one’s reach. And by making the unreachable possible, we will change the paradigm and liberate humanity from the shackles of feminism.

But not everyone is meant to know from start. Not everyone must hear the “What if?” at the same time. There is a specific group of people who need to think of it. That group are those most affected by the current paradigm. Men ages 20 and up, fathers in particular, and women ages 25 and under, those of barely legal or nearing legal age in particular.

These two demographics suffer under the current damaged relationship market. Women who suffer the disappointments of low quality men from a very young age because feminism cuts their options to a very limited pool of the least ideal. Men who suffer either abandonment or the suffering of their daughters.

These are the demographics which gain no benefit from the current relationship market. A market which is not derregulated. It is controlled by ill intentioned forces.

These affected demographics, if shown that there was another way, a better way, a happy ending to their suffering, will start a new path. They will reflect on the lies they are constantly fed by the media.

Slow and steady the ememtic war will be won. And maybe, just maybe, we are not using a memetic virus, but an antybody. For feminism was a memetic disease. One which spreads so fast we haven’t been able to stop it in two hundred years. One which is unsustainable and is killing us.

And now, thankts to the internet, we can fight back. We can fight back online and offline. We can bring the “What if?” to everyone we know. And when we do. We will change the world for the better.

I know it is not enough. I’m not giving up anyway.

Every month I check The AntiFeminist just in case I missed out on something. Last night I saw an article which reminded me how big the challenge is.

He pointed at all the things no one but him did and everyone else was too cowardly to even try.

It was quite painful to realize how alone we are in this one.

I did most of those things too. Not just here, but actually in other places both online and offline. I have gathered evidence and shown it to anyone with a brain. Even today I brought it up in casual conversation.

The real issue here is that one man is not enough. His anger is justified. Even if I did all those things he mentioned were necessary to fix the issue, that doesn’t mean I succeeded.

Even the men in my country are agecucks and paedocrites. You see them talking about their lust to a teenager in private while at the same time applauding the “pedophile hunting” performed by antisocial animals in English speaking and European countries.

It is disgusting! In fact it is even more disgusting to see them speaking actual words of hatred toward women, but refusing to acknowledge feminists brainwashed them.

Whenever I get the chance I bring them evidence. One or two start to open their eyes, but it has been four years since I started working on spreading the word, ever since I took the crimson pill and realized I was a paedocrite too.

It has been four years since I acknowledged it was natural for men to like teenagers, and to like any fertile female regardless of age. But spreading the word is not easy. If this blog has not been censored yet is because I am a nobody, and if I’m still alive despite my acting is because I live in a country with a little bit of free speech and I have not exposed a kingpin to the public.

Does that mean I am giving up? No way! I will keep on spreading the message, wherever I get the chance, wherever I go. Censor me in one place and I will speak at another. I am not quitting, and I am not giving up. Because I do this for me and for humanity.

I will unmask all these paedocrites one by one, make men, real men, see the lies feminism built, and show women there is a way out of their current misery. Even if they tried to lock me in jail, I’ll go and tell the inmates, so good luck fucking with me! And if I die, I got a few more proxies still spreading the word.

This is far from over. One by one, men will realize. One by one we will take our spine back. One by one we will liberate male sexuality from the filthy grasp of feminism. And the best part is you have distorted truth so much people are starting to question.

Even if I walk alone now, I will not do so in the future. I know I alone am not enough. BUt I will do my best to fix things.

BTW. I’m not posting on December. Consider this my monthly present. My internet is giving me issues thanks to the whole viral madness, and I can’t even access my blog most of the time. See you in 2021… Unless something juicy happens soon.

No fap is a personal matter.

For some reason the no-fap camp fails to understand the real use and purpose of their cause.

It is no about making you more attractive, stronger, or even preserving your constantly recycled cells. It is about building will power and self control.

We all know a guy or two who just can’t spend half a day without sexual stimulation. A guy who neglects his responsibilities for the sake of sexual gratification.

That’s the person who needs to train that self control. And not just through november, not just until he lands a partner. That guy must practice self control regularly. Until masturbation is no longer an addiction to him.

For everyone else it is not a must. And going around preaching your way as the only way, especially to control someone else’s habits, is pretty much what feminists do to men.

So stop trying to trick men into believing their lives will improve overnight just by quitting masturbation. That won’t fix it all.

Rest in Pepperonis, mister Yee.

Oh. Amos. If only you were less histrionic in your behavior, it would be easier to have a good conversation with you.

If only you didn’t side with babyfuckers, it would be easier to work with you.

If you were more likeable you would be a great figurehead and icon.

Nevertheless your intentions are good. And your incarceration unjust.

I woke up this morning to an unexpected report. Amos Yee is in jail. His crime? A female age 14 sent him sinister pixels obtained via selfie. It happened when he was 19, and well, he kept them, since her looks remained the same.

With an age gap of five years, they were in fact not so far apart in age that it could be a reason of concern. But, since society has stigmatized age gaps, and 14 year olds are socially treated as 4 year olds, Amos Yee turned into a greater threat to the system.

Now he was no longer supporting a reform to the age of consent system, but actually proving a 14 year old female is as capable of expressing her sexuality, and independent thought, as any other biological adult.

Yee is guilty of only the crime of being a straight (or perhaps bisexual), relatively normal (a bit too loud though) male who got photos of an attractive, slightly younger woman, obtained via her own consent, and kept privately.

Twice he has gone to jail. Twice for unjust reasons. Twice for contradicting a religious dogma. One for defying Islam in his country. One for defying feminism.

His odds of being free are lower this time than back when he was accused of blasphemy, and we may never hear of him again. May he remain safe, and figure a way out. For he inflicted harm upon no one, and this is a mere act of censorship.

Amos Yee. Come out a champion, or fall a martyr, but never give up.

Dropping the ball to hold the map.

Ah, MAPs. My love hate relationship with you is never over.

I don’t mean to hurt you, and we might even have similar goals. But your self destructive acting and constant reckless behavior is simply unbearable.

Why is it that whenever you have the chance to improve our situation you always do something stupid?

My first interaction with the likes of the MAP community was in a long defunct image board in 2015-16. And guess what. There were teenaged females in that board… Until some idiot doxxed them. And what did the MAPs do? Ban any teenager entering the board!

Their first chance to interact with a teenager who didn’t oppose MAPs and it was being a jerk. Of course most of the involved parties assumed it wasn’t a MAP but a feminist who doxxed the unfortunate one. That doesn’t mean they became a really easy target by not being effective in guaranteeing the safety of the “minors” they dealt with.

Then your next example of massive idiocy came as a result of the aforementioned incident. Of all the ideas you could come up with, you had to pick joining forces with both feminism and the LGBT lobby (Not LGBT people, but rather a bunch of activists who use them as crutch) through using their same tactics, even coining the term MAP as a form of euphemism.

One must be far too stupid to join forces with those who hate them. But so you did. Using their methods, actually talking to these people, expecting yourselves, and by extension us, to get things done the way these people who hate us did.

At least be honest. If you’re a pedophile, you are not a MAP, you’re a pedophile. And if you’re not into prepubescents, well, you’re not a MAP, you’re a normal person. Just because the age of those double D breasts is 13 doesn’t mean they stop being a nice pair of gazongas. You’re normal. Not a MAP.

Then you even brought your own moronic flag, just like the rest of the LGBT lobby. And to worsen it your flag looked worse than the stereotypical pedophile symbols once promoted by TV and then adopted by actual pedophiles.

And the explanation of what the flag represents is so shameful it shouldn’t be. If you want a decent political movement you need a decent symbol. And that one is not. It is uncreative and yells “I’m a fucking pedo!”, whcih is exactly what you don’t want to yell. Especially if you bring that euphemism in.

Then you start your activism on Twitter and use the same talking points of feminism and the LGBT lobby. At this point I defected from your attempt at a movement. I realize you wouldn’t help us attain the freedom required to continue as a species. You wouldn’t help making postpubescent people legal. You would just polarize peopleand make things harder.

And so you did. Now everyone hates you and no one can have an intelligent discussion on the matter without “MAP” being used as an ad hominem. Even if you imply an age of consent of 16 is reasonable or acceptable (As Carl Benjamin did when arguing with Amos Yee) thanks to you it is impossible to get a single sliver of reason from anyone who is ignorant of the fact that such is the legal age in UK!

Amos Yee and Tom Grauer were polarizing, and too extreme in their behavior to earn us any benefit, but you, you are so counterproductive they look like better representatives of our interests. Yes. Amos “Babyfucking should be legal” Yee and Tom “Rape jokes that seem serious are so funny” Grauer are less polarizing than you guys.

And of course. If you assume children can consent, then they can also get raped. Since rape is sex without consent. But when a child is raped, and actually calls the cops on the abuser, you don’t denounce the abuser to dissociate from it. When a judge decides the child consented even after the child protested, and thus her rapist goes away without sentence. Radio silence from you! You need to oppose those things! You need to actively protest them because you need to prove you are not child rapists and you actually respect the right of children and young adults to self determination. But you stay quiet, and thus your detractors use that as proof of you siding with rapists.

What inspired me to write this was the latest case of MAPs opening themselves to trouble.

I was watching this video in which they spoke of a case ofin which a teenager actually decided to go to a meetup with MAPs… And then went missing!

To be honest, I don’t know how the case ended, and the “teenager” could be a catfish. But you didn’t react. Someone goes missing in association with you and you don’t investigate the alleged teenager’s whereabouts. Radio silence is all that comes! You don’t even prove that person was a catfish!

I cant’ believe how stupid you are! You just opened yourself to accusations of kidnapping a teenager. Or even worse. One of your “allies” actually kidnapped someone! Whatever it is, this is what your opponent wants! To prove you’re a threat to anyone under 18. And you’re handing it to them.

You don’t understand the importance of having “minors” actually siding with you and proving you are no theat to them, no more than anyone else at least.

NAMBLA, despite their morbid idiocy, at least undestood that one. Of course, they sought prepeubescent homosexual males, so they didn’t get what they needed to improve their image.

But you MAPs are so stupid you don’t realize all you need is some young adult age 13-17 to be on friendly terms with you and maybe in a functional heterosexual relationship with someone older (But not past a 20 year age gap since that’s harder to sell). And whenever that someone shows up, you harm that person, scare that person away, or just pretend that person doesn’t fucking exist!

And so you give to your opponents all the ammunition they need to hurt you! I know you mean well. I know we have common goals. I know you don’t mean to hurt anyone (Unless you are with a masochistic lolita). I know 90% of you are not dangerous, evil, or harmful to teenagers or even children. But 95% of you are fukcing idiots! Fucking idiots who will do all things in the worst way possible and end up with the worst reputation any movement could get!

People hate you as much as they hate NAMBLA. And what was one of your first plans discussed in that board? Cooperating with NAMBLA!

That’s why I dissociate with you. It is not out of hatred, but out of risk assessment. Even if we were both campaigning for an age of consent of 12, even if I was campaigning for an age of consent of 14 and you were campaigning for an age of consent of 16, I’ll actively avoid joining forces with you. Because you are becoming a fucking liability by having no self control or awareness!

Please. Reconsider your previous mistakes and move on.

Not as planned.

I had the intent of writing an article on how the MAP community sabotaged itself by actively supporting pedophilia, joining the same groups who detest them, and failing to protect those they mean to protect.

I will go into more detail on that next month.

Why? Because I found something even better. But I won’t be doing the talking this time.

Instead I will link to an interesting and valuable document on the matter which might be useful in any discussion about age gap relationships provided they are not with prepubescents.

I will leave a fragment here to illustrate the topic. Bear in mind that this won’t benefit actual pedophiles, since, from the start, the article mentions bodily harm as a reason to prevent adults from engaging in sex with children.

However, for anything else that is taboo but is not pedophilia, namely, for example, a 15 year old female and a 30 year old male, this article has a few intelligent, politically free counter arguments. It might even have some logical arguments to cease the persecution of actual pedophiles. Which is logical too.

“The reason why the consent argument depends on the harm argument, therefore, is that only if the harm argument is sound do we have a good explanation of why children cannot rightfully consent to sex. Had adult-child sex posed no risk of harm at all, it is unclear why children could not consent to it. Perhaps it could be suggested that children cannot consent to sex because they are not sufficiently physically and psychologically developed to know what they are consenting to. True as this might be, in the absence of any risk of harm, this does not seem to be problematic either. If my son ventured to read Hegel, it is evident that he would not know what he was doing. Still, since this would presumably not expose him to any significant risk of harm, there would be nothing wrong in letting him do so.”

Follow the link below for the rest of the document.

The Ethics of Pedophilia

How to cure a pedophile?

I have been wondering something. Is it possible to make a pedophile cease their interest in children?

Well. Maybe it is. But that would require a change in our world view.

Over the years I have observed how marriages work, how relationships develop, and how love functions as part of human nature.

Those who believe in the notion of humanity as evil tend to argue love is non existent. However love is real, even if it is just a chemical reaction, love exists. And love changes people, often for the better.

My proposed solution is based on the extrapolation of something we see everyday. Functional males tend to display this behavior, and it might exist in functional pedophiles too.

Men who are in love, really in love, with their spouses, who feel loved and express genuine affection, tend to hold on to their partner for quite a long time,  and actually don’t care about how old she is, they keep on considering her the standard by which he measures everyone else.

This was damaged by feminism. Feminism in fact ruined love in so many ways many now believe it is a lie. But if you look at men who are untouched by feminism and marry women untouched by it, they cease caring for the age of their partner. No matter how old she is, they love her.

That’s where my weird idea comes into place. To cure a pedophile, to really cure him, all you need to do is getting him a wife. Yes. Maybe he will seek a prepubescent, but if he actually loves her, and feels loved by her, even when she turns 20 he will still see the same girl he fell in love with fifteen years ago. He might be 38, but he will still love her, and if he’s loved back, he will lose all interest in other women.

Men are loyal and honorable when not touched by the stain of feminism and lack of masculinity, and that is why many men in the past who were pedophiles were unnoticed. As such to cure a pedophile all we might need could be to give them a wife… Unless they’re MAPS or NAMBLA. Those guys are stuck in the feminist program and might never be able to recover from the resulting lack of loyalty.

My unthinkable proposal.

Last night I watched a documentary on the, quite disgusting if you ask me, child prostitution industry in my country.

Two things got me thinking through the night the most.

The first was that these children, some of them already young adults but defined as children by morality based standards, always had  an explanation as to why they were involved in the business. From poverty to a mere act of curiosity, all of them got involved, willingly or not, and inflicted subsequent harm to themselves.

The second was that most customers were not even locals, but rather American, Middle Eastern, and Canadian tourists who did not have access to younger partners in their countries.

In fact, one of the most vile criminal rings tied to this was founded by Lebanese immigrants.

This tells us one important thing, something you should take into account. High ages of consent created this black market.

If the age of consent was lowered back to 12 in America, and instead of forbidding teenagers from having sex we forbade prostitution among anyone under the age of 20, there would be less “child” and child prostitution, while an increase in normal male sexuality would flourish.

There is demand, and there is prohibition. Therefore there is a black market. And when the black market involves people as products, things get really ugly. Substance abuse, self harm, and even murder revolve around this trade, and the only real option I can think of is legalizing most of the “merchandise” and give men a legal alternative.

Now. There is a real issue with prepubescents here, since we shouldn’t legalize sex with actual children, that is prepubescent humans. How do we prevent them from being the target of a black market then?

Well. As I said. By making prostitution of anyone over 20 legal, to begin with. The second step would be, perhaps, legalizing all those sinister pixels and preventing new ones from being made. Maybe even bu legalizing those controversial sex dolls.

My plan is not fool proof, and I certainly need to consider the most optimal solution, but my proposal is better than the alternative of perpetuating the black market. We reverted the ban on alcohol to end that black market. Why don’t we revert the more puritanical spinster sibling of booze prohibition? Do you want to wait for an Al Capone of teen and preteen prostitution before understanding this black market came from the high ages of consent imposed by feminism?