And here we go again.

Well. Grauer’s blog is down again. He’s the man who brought a little more light on the male sexualist movement, and in fact coined several terms in use within it. And as if it was to be expected, his blog is gone again.

With him MIA all I can tell is I expected that to happen. Each male sexualist must understand one thing or two. First, we must be strong on our own. We are a team, but if they take one of us down, the rest must carry on and keep fighting, even if we end up all alone. The second thing is the “Good Censor” is after us. We peak truths no one wants to listen, truths that defy the modern narrative controlled by feminists which are led by femoids and nu-males.

The enemy gained a lot of influence and power, especially since their bases of operations are located near most tech firms, but we can not just give up. Archive everything, even this post, and if something happens to me, know I will return with even more bravado, violence, and anger. I am angry, I have been angry for a decade already, and I will be angry for the rest of my life.

If I am hurt or silence, expect retaliation, clever and tactically planned retaliation. You can’t silence me, you can’t touch me without violating the law, and you won’t stop us.

I am slowly growing tired.

Recently I got a link to information regarding a page called I won’t go into much detail, but the page is a protest page regarding the case of a boy, age 6, who is being forced to become a girl by his deranged mother, who gained custody of him after a divorce.

I am tired of this shit to be honest. It is unacceptable. All these cunts who say they want to protect children from “muh pedophiles” because a guy in his 30s was seen engaging in hand holding with a 15 year old women are the same bastards who support the chemical castration and mental torment of a 6 year old boy.

These degenerate paedocrites do not care about children, or women for that matter, they care about their own twisted agenda of social control and mental manipulation. They distort truths and facts are discarded easily by them.

But what worries me are not these monsters, but the NPCs who blindly follow their shit and ruin people’s lives. Their evil would be irrelevant if they didn’t have an entire NPC army allowing them to perform their crimes. It is the lack of action and passivity coming from most people which has allowed them to do as they please.

I have made it overtly clear, prepubescents, that is children, should never have something imposed on them and should never have body modification performed on them. If some dumb ass 13 year old wants to ink his arm and get a cheap dick shaped tattoo is not my business, and if a 12 year old wants to pierce her ears and nose and wear rings on them is no one’s business, but when some wretched femoid decides to chemically castrate a 6 year old boy the moment he turns 8 and forces him to pretend to be a girl, with institutional support, then that IS my business and I will take a stand.

The boy doesn’t want this, it is all the arbitrary madness of his sick femoid mother who had twins and now, on what could not be described as anything but sickening depravity, decided she wanted one of the twins to be a girl.

This case, if true, is simply unacceptable and maddening and reminds me why I keep this blog and why I fight. This is an act of sexual abuse against the boy, perpetrated, as usual from a femoid.

People attack me for saying it is not a bad thing is a woman age 12-17 decides to date, or even marry, a man who is 10-20 years her senior. That same people call me bigot because I say it is wrong for some degenerate femoid to force her 6 year old child to undergo sexual modifications.

And yes, I have declared my position that anyone who has reached puberty is a biological adult and no longer a child. Complain and moan if you want, but considering you are siding with those who want to butcher an actual, prepubescent, 8 year old, just learning what life is, child, you are the ones in the moral low here.

First they will com for them, then for you.

Every now and then I visit the male sexualist aggregator to see how that sphere of information is doing. This last time I tried to check on it something changed however. It was gone, and the warning said the domain would never be available again.

Well. You might think that is good news, but it is not.

I do not agree on everything with that particular sphere, but they brought important questions to the table and spoke against the, very unhealthy, status quo. Now that they are gone it will be harder to fight oppression.

Thanks to censorship it is impossible to move on as humanity. And if you think you are safe, you are not. I understand if you consider it unacceptable that someone speaks of rape favorably, I do so too. I consider rape a crime after all, and all crimes are unacceptable. However, given the fact that nowadays looking at someone the wrong way can be held as “rape” in some places, it is of utmost importance to create a discussion on rape laws and prevent many injustices.

As such the male sexualist movement is necessary. And if they are censored, the next one to be censored might be you. The moment you decide to question the status quo, if you allowed those who protect it to censor others, they will come after you.

You have been warned, many times, since 1830 apparently based on Ernest Belfort Bax. This current situation is unsustainable and might kill you all.

Rectifying names in psychiatry

We live in a sick society that creates sick people.


I know Scott Alexander is the psychiatrist with the diploma, but really, who takes diplomas seriously these days.

Psychiatry is not as bad as L. Ron Hubbard would lead you to believe, although it is pretty bad. The study of human behavior at its fringes is interesting and much of psychiatric findings makes sense. But of course, psychiatry is downwards from power, and thus pozzed and blinded in many very obvious and very stupid ways.

Psychiatry deals with the intersection between biology and religion at the fringes. This means it is downwards from the state religion; it follows instructions from the state religion in its dealings with the poor, the lost, the loons. In the absence of an official state religion, psychiatry has become a tool of the unofficial state religion to give meaning to it’s patients, with predictable consequences.

The most important consequence being that psychiatry takes itself too…

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Justice for Karl Logan.

Recently it came to my attention that Karl Logan, member of the famed Metal band Manowar was arrested for ownership of sinister pixels and charged with third-degree exploitation of a minor.

Of course the hysteric modern society went after him and even demanded the band, who refused to follow such demands, to throw him under the bus even before trial.

From David Bowie having sex with a 14 year old groupie to now, it is well known that celebrities tend to dodge the whole pedo hysteria produced by blue knights. So the fact that Logan was hit means someone with ill intent entered the situation and acted against him.

It is worth mentioning that the band actually had lyrics that favored sexual acts with young fertile women, and that they probably didn’t judge Logan’s preference.

It is absurd to assume he never even let it slip that he liked women under 18 (Or 16 for that matter). So the logic is, despite his liking for fresher women, he never harmed anyone.

I understand the importance of respecting the law. But it is time we question who benefits for the persecution of sinister pixels. After all who benefited the most from alcohol prohibition were bootleggers, and there is a serious black market for sinister pixels right now.