Entering the void.

One of the most crucial Eastern teachings is the idea of entering the void. Śūnyatā. Zen. Kū. All these words mean one single concept. A state of non-self, of dissociation wit the persoal, which allows enlightenment and focus.

I ended up in a few arguments on social media regarding the topics of natural male sexuality, age gap relationships, and pedophilia. By observing the highly emotional behavior of people when they think the last one is even emotely implied I noticed I address the topic bringing up facts, and focused on what those facts are.

I do not make it personal. I, in fact, do not engage with those who make it personal, unless I intend ot cause them discomfort. The more heated things get, the less emotion I feel. And I focus on bringing only facts and reason as my tools.

This ends in either understanding between me and my interlocutor, or the other individual losing her mind and resorting to name calling.

I realized the reason I remain capable of such seriousness is that aforementioned void. By separating my emotions, my personal bias, from the facts, and focusing only on the facts, I manage to both obtain an insight I would miss otherwise and remain calm when insulted.

Entering the void will prove useful to us if we want to fix the damage caused by feminism and puritanism. For the void has no emotion. And emotion is the tool of puritans. Easily tricked and manipulated, emotion is a weakness when dealing with those who intend to deceive or control.

Rserve your emotions for those who deserve them. For everyone else, enter the void.

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