The unpleasant truth of feminism: It is men’s fault.

Yes. I know many of you will be shocked at my headline, and probably might want to just drop this blog for good, but you should listen carefully. It is our fault because WE ALLOWED IT TO EXIST.

We didn’t crush the movement as soon as it started to show signs of malignancy, we didn’t pull the damned tumor boiling in Great Britain and turning into a horrible societal illness formed from puritanism and hatred.

Feminism bloomed because men caved in to constant nagging and their instinctual tendency to protect women. We were unable to remain rational and cold and disregard female cries for help at some non existent threat. In the end our desire to seek the best interest for both turned into our downfall, for we forgot when a scornful woman decides to damage society she must be treated as a man would in such cases and brought down.

We allowed feminism to grow, we gave women the vote under circumstances that allowed feminists to enter politics, we gave women special rights which went beyond basic human rights, we allowed them to raise the age of consent beyond the natural norm, and we allowed them to rule in terms of education, medicine, and even war.

Feminists, who are unable to reason or think in terms of logic took over, and removed all intelligent process from our society. There is no choice but to terminate this by leading to a full societal collapse, before they take full control and bring the consequences of other men’s mistakes upon us.

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