A nasty c*nt is all they could ever be.

I had considered many things for this month’s article. I could have written about feminists suggesting to ban alcohol (again), or about how the grifter known as Chris Hansen has found warmth in the grifter known as Onision. Both contributors to sexual abuse statistics and predators acting as morality police to everyone else. (One preys on men and the other on women).

But I found a calling from somewhere else. I had to write about it since femihags will often claim we, men, are obsessed with our penises. Well, then explain the following.

Why is Gwyneth Paltrow selling a candle scented like her vagina. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Yet another feminist past her prime doing something to get attention, with her cunt.

While most men just want to enjoy their lives and careers, marry someone younger than themselves, and form a family, and while most women tend to find some points of agreement with that desire, often finding contention only in the part where men’s lives and careers do not connect to themselves, feminists have a bizarre obsession with their reproductive organs.

Only Gwyneth herself and her unfortunate employees at the suggestively named company “Goop”, also owned by her, know how they managed to get the stench of her cunt right into a candle. All we can tell it is disgusting.

Even though men do not find the smell coming from a female in a sexual context, nobody but the most degenerate Hollywood elites would want te genital stench of a 47 year old feminist actress, and no man but the most immature manchild with morbid curiosity and no sexual experience would want a candle with vaginal smell of any kind.

Men do enjoy that smell within a sexual context, and as such will prefer that of their partners of choice. So why are feminists so obsessed with their own cunts as to make stuff such as scented candles, bread and yoghurt using yeast taken from their yeast infection, pussy hats, or literal cunt costumes?

Why? Why are they so centered around their genitalia despite claiming we are? Could it be, perhaps, that they are just narcissistic assholes who detest men, and younger women, because they won’t pay heed to their presence?

Sincerely I got no idea! The only thing certain for this humble writer (Yeah, right. Humble! Don’t make your readers laugh, arrogant prick!) is that once we get rid of feminism, there will be less people obsessed with their own genitalia, and more people loving that of their sexual partner.

Until then, stay in tune, because the war is far from over. Even though most might have gone defunct, I stand proud.