I know it is not enough. I’m not giving up anyway.

Every month I check The AntiFeminist just in case I missed out on something. Last night I saw an article which reminded me how big the challenge is.

He pointed at all the things no one but him did and everyone else was too cowardly to even try.

It was quite painful to realize how alone we are in this one.

I did most of those things too. Not just here, but actually in other places both online and offline. I have gathered evidence and shown it to anyone with a brain. Even today I brought it up in casual conversation.

The real issue here is that one man is not enough. His anger is justified. Even if I did all those things he mentioned were necessary to fix the issue, that doesn’t mean I succeeded.

Even the men in my country are agecucks and paedocrites. You see them talking about their lust to a teenager in private while at the same time applauding the “pedophile hunting” performed by antisocial animals in English speaking and European countries.

It is disgusting! In fact it is even more disgusting to see them speaking actual words of hatred toward women, but refusing to acknowledge feminists brainwashed them.

Whenever I get the chance I bring them evidence. One or two start to open their eyes, but it has been four years since I started working on spreading the word, ever since I took the crimson pill and realized I was a paedocrite too.

It has been four years since I acknowledged it was natural for men to like teenagers, and to like any fertile female regardless of age. But spreading the word is not easy. If this blog has not been censored yet is because I am a nobody, and if I’m still alive despite my acting is because I live in a country with a little bit of free speech and I have not exposed a kingpin to the public.

Does that mean I am giving up? No way! I will keep on spreading the message, wherever I get the chance, wherever I go. Censor me in one place and I will speak at another. I am not quitting, and I am not giving up. Because I do this for me and for humanity.

I will unmask all these paedocrites one by one, make men, real men, see the lies feminism built, and show women there is a way out of their current misery. Even if they tried to lock me in jail, I’ll go and tell the inmates, so good luck fucking with me! And if I die, I got a few more proxies still spreading the word.

This is far from over. One by one, men will realize. One by one we will take our spine back. One by one we will liberate male sexuality from the filthy grasp of feminism. And the best part is you have distorted truth so much people are starting to question.

Even if I walk alone now, I will not do so in the future. I know I alone am not enough. BUt I will do my best to fix things.

BTW. I’m not posting on December. Consider this my monthly present. My internet is giving me issues thanks to the whole viral madness, and I can’t even access my blog most of the time. See you in 2021… Unless something juicy happens soon.

No fap is a personal matter.

For some reason the no-fap camp fails to understand the real use and purpose of their cause.

It is no about making you more attractive, stronger, or even preserving your constantly recycled cells. It is about building will power and self control.

We all know a guy or two who just can’t spend half a day without sexual stimulation. A guy who neglects his responsibilities for the sake of sexual gratification.

That’s the person who needs to train that self control. And not just through november, not just until he lands a partner. That guy must practice self control regularly. Until masturbation is no longer an addiction to him.

For everyone else it is not a must. And going around preaching your way as the only way, especially to control someone else’s habits, is pretty much what feminists do to men.

So stop trying to trick men into believing their lives will improve overnight just by quitting masturbation. That won’t fix it all.