Women’s rights should be put into question.

Laws have been made in a way that women’s rights are a negative. Why? Because they are full of double standards.

In theory it sounds great to make sure one’s mother and daughters have rights that guarantee their survival. But thanks to feminism, women began to abuse their rights. As such it is time to end the double standards by punishing them for violating the rules.

Recently I caught a woman cheating on her spouse. The same woman chastises male cheaters, she did so just hours ago being caught. Such a woman should have all her rights revoked and be set at the mercy of those she wronged.

Such women should be set straight through physical action to ensure society will function.

The unstoppable force.

Recently I found more and more like-minded people when addressing some social issues. This surprised me since some of them were people who once disagreed with me.

From Tim Pool mentioning the age gap between couoples is natural, to an ultraconservative page advocating for sugardaddies.

The more time passes the more I see people who once would yell allegations at such concepts actually discussing.

This remind me back when I was permabanned from places for bringing the topic. And I always warned them censorship would fail.

As Amon, a fictional character from the animated series Legend of Korra wisely stated. “You can kill a man, but you can not kill an idea.” All these people have heard the idea, and have studied it seeking the truth. Eventually that will solve the problem created by another, quite dumb, idea.

The concept of “child grooming” is useless.

Back when I was researching on age of consent laws to expand my legal knowledge, I found a lengthy explanation on “child grooming” that is using planned means to acquire consent from someone.

The whole concept feels idiotic and wrong to me. Generally speaking this concept applies only to those under the age of consent, which varies from country to country. But due to the recent false assumption that the age of consent is 18 worldwide, many apply it also to people who are already legally capable of consent.

The reason the concept is redundant is because, if they are under the age of consent (Which needs to be discussed further), the there is already a crime, no need to add another crime to the list. And if they are not under the age of consent, then there should be no crime.

With this in mind it is also worth noting that grooming is often literally just courting from an older suitor. Sex is often a result of a general attempt at seeking a love relationship with someone. Therefore courting and grooming are no different with the exception of the ends. The means are the same.

With this in mind, “grooming” makes little sense because it is criminalized on people under the age of 18, but seen as the norm on the rest in the form of “hookup”.

Isn’t the typical hookup not just mere grooming between two persons older than 17? Lies, deception, convincing arguments, false promises. All the things that count as “child grooming” are actually legal if they take place at a nightclub and between people close in age.

As such all we can see is the double standard of hookup culture. Maybe we should return to courting and do away with both hookup idiocy and “grooming” laws altogether.

After all, if she is 15 and persuaded by a 30 year old man to marry her, leading to a healthy marriage and a functional family, could it be called grooming?

As usual with puritanical laws based on feminist views, grooming is nothing but an intentional hindrance to normal male sexuality which actually encourages the same act but perpetrated by both men and women who are older than 18, shamefully renamed “hooking up” to cover the fact that it is not the age of the participants but the intent that should concern us.

I am more worried about a 15 year old man leaving a bunch of single mothers ages 14-16 or a 20 year old man producing single mothers ages 18 and up than about a 26 year old man asking for the hand of an 11 year old girl in marriage offering her a stable household and a future family.

Where most see two normal men and a pedophile I see two failed adults and a man who seeks a wife.

A few reasons why I won’t support boylove and you shouldn’t either, even if you are into that.

I was asked if I was O.K. with boylove or NAMBLA by someone a few weeks ago. My reply was simply “No.” And there are reasons to just throw them under the bus. I support young love in general, but I will never endorse “boylove”. I will provide you an explanation for my motives.

1.- I can not support sex with prepubescents, since I would rather avoid such a thing. I prefer to stay neutral to it, but I can not support it. And since most boylovers focus exclusively on prepubescent males, I won’t support them.

2.- It is a bad PR move. Anyone who supports male sexualism risks being associated with far left movements if there is any positive stance on boylove.

3.- I oppose sexual activities with no eventual intent of reproduction. I firmly believe people should form families once they are ready. Any homosexual act is not reproductive, and from that stance I oppose it. While I just act with indifference to homosexual acts, I won’t speak in favor of literal homosexual pedophiles. It goes against my goals.

4.- They threw us under the bus in the past. They did so to gain brownie points with feminists and LGBT communities. I am not going to side with a faction which offers me no benefit and is willing to throw us under the bus, and in fact it makes more sense to pay them back.

Boylove groups such as NAMBLA, just like the pathetic castrated males of VirPed, who would rather hope for feminist organizations to feed them scraps than act as free men, are a dead weight to male sexualism or any movement that seeks to remove the social stigma imposed by feminism on natural male sexual preferences.

The unspoken truth.

This week, as usual, I met a guy, and as expected he mentioned his interaction with a woman. He mentioned she was underage, and said “I hope you don’t find it weird.”

That was my call. I went on to crimson pill the fuck out of that guy! By the time I was done we were joking about angry spinsters crying because we are dating better women.

The thing is, he said he felt no one would understand, and feared speaking up. Well. Every single man I know has a preferred age range from 10, at its lowest, to 30 at its highest.

The truth is every man was a fertile, or soon to be fertile, wife. And once they cease being fertile (often hit the wall by that time) they will no longer want them.

I told him I decided to go for the big info dump on him because it was time we admitted our own sexuality, demonized by society nowadays, before we got killed for just greeting a woman with a polite smile.

What is at stake here is too great to let it go to waste, and most men won’t speak up. So, if you are reading this, speak. Face the enemy before it gets you. End this cycle of lies that spreads rapidly around the world. End the cancer created by feminism, lest your children suffer a fate worse than yours.