A man who deserves recognition.

Long before the term male sexualism was coined, and long before anyone spoke truth on matters which male sexualists are associated to, there was a man who helped me understand the importance of freedom and how the feminist agenda opposed freedom.

Before him I was almost a paedocrite and a complete blue knight. I was red pilled, but not crimson pilled. I had some friends who were crimson pilled already, and who also contributed to my understanding of facts. But just like I was, they were a bit hesitant because they lacked sources and information.

That man, anonymous as he is, helped my small circle of friends by giving us information, both reliable and truthful, which we could use in intellectual debate to unmask the animals who speak solely on terms of emotional response and an obsession with power.

This man is who introduced many to many of those who have taken the title of male sexualism and who introduced even some of those male sexualists to anti feminism, and to the things both camps hold of value.

Not all his posts are available, but at least he remains truthful and honest where most just died or bent. And as such I consider him of utmost importance, for I fear his voice will be silenced if no one speaks with him, for him, and after he ceases speaking.

As such I will leave a link to his blog below, may the truth spread and lies wither as they should. It is the only way in which I could thank him for guiding me in a moment when things went bad for me.

The Anti-Feminist

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