The damage of being a blue knight.

It has been two years ago since I got my first death threat on private messaging and e-mail. Ever since then I noticed something curious.

The truth is, blue knights and femihags got something wrong in their head. Most of those e-mails have a rather deranged tone. Writing entirely in captions, full of expletives, threats, and describing acts of violence to be acted upon innocents in such a manner that make me think of a complete monster being the author.

Some, while coming from a different name, seem to be written by the same depraved hand. Curiously enough they seem to be accusing me of what they do, since they describe in detail acts I find disgusting and  would never accuse someone of performing unless I had proof.

Of course one of their most repugnant and outrageous claims is not just accusing me of being a pedophile (Sorry to disappoint you, but I am not sexually attracted to prepubescent females with no breasts at all), but going as far as to claim I did sexually abuse a child. Of course they just make mere assumptions, but they things they describe are so detailed and disgusting it feels disturbing to read their fanfic/confession projecting on me.

I keep my sex life generally private for a reason. Divulging such things benefits no one and is no one’s business. I know many idiots are eager to brag about who, what, how often, and when they have sex with. But I am no idiot. Whatever I let people know of my life is meant to serve an educational purpose, and that is not educational.

Of course I would rather not get such depraved mails and confessions of their own crimes or blue ball fantasies projected on me, but I welcome all that hate, for I know it is a sign I am pushing against real monsters. By the way, the next time someone describes such horrible acts in my inbox I will consider calling the cops. It worries me that someone who would merely think of doing such horrible things to other living being is so close to children, and actually claiming to protect them from others.

Pedo hysteria and pedocrites, including blue knights are disgusting. Not only they conflate normal male sexuality with pedophilia (Which has driven folks like NAMBLA to try to associate with male sexualism) but also they come up with the most outlandish forms of abuse imposed upon a human being.

I would rather let my children near an open pedophile, who finds the thought of performing the monstrous acts described in the hate mail I get revolting, than to let them even talk to one of the senders of such monstrous mails. Guys, do us a favor and seek help, and if I ever find any of you haters near a child I will warn that child of what you told me you secretly want to do to them.

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