Rest in Pepperonis, mister Yee.

Oh. Amos. If only you were less histrionic in your behavior, it would be easier to have a good conversation with you.

If only you didn’t side with babyfuckers, it would be easier to work with you.

If you were more likeable you would be a great figurehead and icon.

Nevertheless your intentions are good. And your incarceration unjust.

I woke up this morning to an unexpected report. Amos Yee is in jail. His crime? A female age 14 sent him sinister pixels obtained via selfie. It happened when he was 19, and well, he kept them, since her looks remained the same.

With an age gap of five years, they were in fact not so far apart in age that it could be a reason of concern. But, since society has stigmatized age gaps, and 14 year olds are socially treated as 4 year olds, Amos Yee turned into a greater threat to the system.

Now he was no longer supporting a reform to the age of consent system, but actually proving a 14 year old female is as capable of expressing her sexuality, and independent thought, as any other biological adult.

Yee is guilty of only the crime of being a straight (or perhaps bisexual), relatively normal (a bit too loud though) male who got photos of an attractive, slightly younger woman, obtained via her own consent, and kept privately.

Twice he has gone to jail. Twice for unjust reasons. Twice for contradicting a religious dogma. One for defying Islam in his country. One for defying feminism.

His odds of being free are lower this time than back when he was accused of blasphemy, and we may never hear of him again. May he remain safe, and figure a way out. For he inflicted harm upon no one, and this is a mere act of censorship.

Amos Yee. Come out a champion, or fall a martyr, but never give up.

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