Sticking to the plan.

As online censorship becomes stronger and the rights of all users are crushed by the most vile intentions I am remind why I fight and why I have been speaking up offline.

I might have not reached as many people offline as I do online, but I am certain of one thing. If I refuse to yield, no form of censorship can stop me.

What I speak is the truth I gathered after years of research, a truth hidden in plain sight and poorly buried by feminists who, like the most basal animals, couldn’t even bury their own shit and carry it on their feet instead.

I unearthed things most people do not care to find, but as long as I can speak, I will tell the truth to everyone, and nothing will stop me.

I am not in for “long term goals” neither am I in for “personal gain.” I am here to restore the sanity of everyone and expose the lies spread by feminism. And that is the most noble cause I could ever fight for.

I know many others among the ones I once called allies have either thrown the towel or lost any possible traction. But I won’t yield, even if I must take a literal soapbox and yell “The age of consent in this country is 14 and used to be lower!” in front of a crowd, I will not give in to fear nor give up. I will fight back against the lies made up by feminist propagandists.

Youth rights taken into account.

Even though the reform in consent laws is part of the male sexualist end goal, there is another faction which must discuss this matter.

Youth rights will benefit from such a reform. One of the reasons to set a high age of consent is controlling young people. It has nothing to do with protecting them, but rather infantilizing them.

An infantilized youth is easily manipulated and used for whatever agenda is held by the feminists and puritans in political places.

They consider youth freedom, and anyone who is no longer compliant to their will, a threat. Any teenager who is able to consent is also able to both refuse consent and reject ideologies.

If teenagers can consent they are capable of independent thought. As such they become anathema to the authoritarian puritan feminists. However if teenagers can’t consent, and are still held as children, they must comply and obey, and as such they won’t be allowed to display independent thought.

An example of their fear to teenage independence and freedom was seen recently, when a teenage public figure expressed opinions that are not compliant to the mainstream stance and narrative, and soe that person was targeted by smear campaigns, with claims of their stance being mere “4-chan brainwashing” and accusations of being a Nazi.

The powers that be fear youth rights and teenagers thinking for themselves. It is a slippery slope they can’t allow. They make sure teenagers are under the age of consent because that way they will be pushed into compliance and obedience, back to the indoctrination machine.

I won’t believe those people who say it is wrong for a man in his 30s to court a 15-17 year old woman, when they say they want to protect children. They are NOT interested in protecting children. They want to control teenagers and make them obedient to their agenda. Otherwise they would be protesting the disgusting glorification of prepubescent boys in drag doing sexual things on stage.

In fact they protest sinister pixels representing women ages 12-17 as if it was harmful to them if they performed on their own free will, while applauding an 11 year old boy in drag doing a stripshow in front of a bunch of old men.

I will write further on the later, but remember, as usual boylovers stand against male sexualism. And they are sided with mainstream media against youth rights and teenage independence.

It is time we unite for the freedom of young adults and adults on paper.

It’s all about advertising.

Once something becomes popular enough, you no longer need advertising, and the closer to your target audience, the less advertising you will ever need. That is evident on many media industries.

Then it is safely assumed that whenever we are bombarded with ads of something in particular for years without seeing an apparent improvement in sales, the odds are either the market is flooded or the product is garbage.

Now I want you to take a break and think, what are the erotic niches with more ads and apparently less sales. How often do you feel an erotic ad might interest you.

Well. Based on what I have observed there are two categories. “Mature women” that is human jerky, and “curvy women” that is landwhales. Of course I am not saying all older women are ruined, some managed to stop right before hitting the wall even though they are no longer fertile, and I am not saying all “curvy” women are disgusting, I do like girls that are somewhat plump (And youthful too). But what we are offered are the most fetishistic ends of that.

Compare that to the categories of “teen” and “Asian”. Back in the early 2000s and until the early 2010s, the aforementioned were advertised, and pretty much competing for ad space with “mature” and “chubby” (later renamed curvy to hide the truth). Nowadays however “teen” and “Asian” are a lot less advertised, and in fact also “curvy” is slowly being displaced by “black”.

The reason is evident. No matter what the blue pilled porn addicted blue knights say, the amount of advertising proves how desperate the porn industry is to persuade men to like what they instinctively don’t. That is old, and unattractive, women. Which would also explain why the “Asian” category is apparently gone from ad space for good.

What we see is the porn industry, which is part of the vile propaganda machine, attempting to reshape the minds of people. Attempting to hide the notion of what men like. Comically, however, if people observe the statistics of what people search, especially in periods with lower internet regulation, it is easily noticed that men, and perhaps lesbians, lean to seek teenagers under the age of 18.

This is a reminder of how hostile the porn industry is toheterosexual male sexuality, and how it stands against male sexualism.

I am not speaking of censoring or banning porn, nor against masturbation (You should focus as little as possible on that however). I am speaking of how harmful the California based Western porn industry is to the people.

I don’t feel any regret.

Whenever I remember I used to be yet another blue pill (and blue knight) male feminist “ally” from my mid teens and until the age of 23, I feel no regret at all. Actually I feel I was given a greater advantage over feminists.

First of all, I became a male feminist because both media, and my peers, made me a huge blue knight, when you are 15 and everyone calls you a pedophile for saying a 10 year old girl is cute, you feel there is something wrong with you (Bet you will realize how minute the age gap is once she turns 20 and you are 25) when the wrong thing is not you, but society.

Well. Maybe it was because I had a very low SMV back then. Fat, no muscle, meek, hairy (I hit puberty at 9, and by the age of 14 I had a full beard), poor, probably had no actual value to any woman, young or old. Maybe I just felt guilt over liking younger females. Maybe I was just horny and desperate and wanted to bang some random chick.

Or maybe it was because of all of the above. But I made the mistake of lowering my SMV even further by becoming a male feminist. And I don’t regret it. Because I can enter the mind of every single male feminist thanks to that. I know their fears, I know their goals, and I know they all got a skeleton or two in the closet, or they are in the closet (Here we include normal men called pedophiles, not just gay guys).

I learned all of the talking points of feminism, and the way male feminists acted (Trying to lower the SMV of men instead of increasing their own). I learned, and often by hands on approach, all the shit they do, believe, and support.

And as such I know how wrong they are.

Back in 2013, when I began to pull out of the system, I conducted research on every single thing feminist holds as true. It was in fact because I had a class on feminism in college that I got somewhat red pilled. The more I read and became “educated” in feminism, the less I could side with it.

Eventually, during the periods of 2014 to 2016 I began to read on the actual impact of feminism, and the views of those against feminism. Byt 2015 I was not just red pilled, but far beyond that (What my circle would call crimson pill). I was not yet part of the male sexualism movement, but I understood male sexuality better than I did in my teens.

I found Ernest Belfort Bax’s texts during 2015, and realized I was neither a pedophile, nor a monster, and I no longer felt the guilt that got me into feminism. I no longer felt I was no different from some psycho who raped a 6 year old kid. No. I was a guy who courted a 16 year old woman and failed because of his own insecurities and mistaken views.

I began to seek self improvement, spiritually fists, and my mind healed, at least mostly, by shedding all the lies feminism sold me. By 2017 I was already working out and got a job (From which I would be fired because of my views on collectivism) and eventually began to notice a small circle of men, mostly from countries out of the anglosphere, who were resisting the demonization of male sexuality.

I got the proof that all male feminisms either just want to fuck or want to cover a sex crime or guilt (Even if no one was harmed, after all they were convinced their sexuality is evil). And I can use it to push against feminism, so I won’t regret being a male feminism, because I am no longer such, and I know how to fight against them. I know what makes them tick, and I know how to stop their hearts with the simplest words.

Apologies. Not even once.

Something I have learned over the past few months, especially with the allegations directed at Vic Mignogna, the one about sexually abusing teenage fans in particular, is that one must never apologize to people in the pedohysteric circles, or any outrage mob for that matter.

It is the only solution. To never apologize ever again. In this current pedo hysterical outrage culture one must never apologize.

Apologies are no longer a sign of respect or admittance of one’s mistakes. Nowadays they have become a sign of defeat, lack of self respect, and lack of dignity. An apology no longer means “Yeah. I made a mistake and learned from it.” it means “I give in. You can bully me.”

Why? You ask? Well. Because the outrage mob takes an apology as admittance of guilt and as justification to abuse.

If you are accused of anything, issuing an apology means you consider it fair to be punished for that, even if it was not something punishable by any law. If you apologize for telling someone he smells like rotten onion, even if he smells like rotten onions, you are in the wrong.

Admitting one is in the wrong through apology, especially when one is not in the wrong, means opening oneself to abuse. An apology is a target on one’s face, right between the eyes, with neon shine, ready to be pierced by the arrow of social stigma or a witch hunt.

However that doesn’t mean one must be an unapologetic, narrow minded, hostile primitive who never admits flaws.

The proper way to handle flaws now is with a non apology and self improvement. If you are accused of breaking a chair with your fat ass, you must not say “Sorry for being fat.” You say “I broke a chair with my fat ass, so I will work out and make sure the next time I break a chair is with my muscular ass.” And the day your muscle bound, low fat, high testosterone body breaks a chair, everyone will say you are a badass and not a fat ass.

To maintain one’s dignity one must cease all apologies, and instead focus on bettering oneself. And if there is nothing to better, double down!

If someone calls me a pedophile for advocating freedom and stating biological adults, including teenagers, should be able to interact with each other, including having love relationships, I won’t apologize and back off. No. I will double down and push harder. Because I know I am not harming anyone and not in the wrong.

Improving oneself and fighting back is the only truly dignified and respectful way to handle any sort of accusation or evidenced flaw. Being thankful to those who point at your error and unyielding to those who try to shame you into submission.

Drop your fucking charade.

harmThe screen cap in this article was sent to me by a friend who frequents image boards. It is a post pertaining the entire “elsagate” controversy regarding rather… Unpleasant videos aimed at children on YouTube.

This shit might have a negative impact in the minds of children as young as two years old. But for some reason we don’t see the worms saying “Think about muh children” crying about this.

Some of this content, as well as other things “aimed at children” online such as pregnancy flash games with Disney characters are rather disturbing and might leave actual mental scars on actual children. Yet no one seems to care.

However, if a man dares to say age gap relationships should not be taboo provided both participants have reached puberty and therefore are no longer children, you get a bunch of blue knights and femihags calling him pedophile and claiming they “think of the children.” If someone draws a child naked, in a picture aimed at adults in an entirely unrealistic setting, they come and try to ban it because of “muh children.”

Yet somehow these same knuckle draggers let the UN violate actual children (prepubescents to keep it clear) until one of them is caught so balls deep he gets arrested, and will allow children to come into contact with fucked up content instead of complaining, as long as they do not feel morally offended and don’t need to be responsible of taking care of real children, they don’t mind allowing actual children to come to harm.

So just stop pretending you care about children when all you do is taking away the freedom of people who are NOT children while allowing actual children to be ruined by media and organizations.

You fool no one. All you care about is your agenda and morality.