Dropping the ball to hold the map.

Ah, MAPs. My love hate relationship with you is never over.

I don’t mean to hurt you, and we might even have similar goals. But your self destructive acting and constant reckless behavior is simply unbearable.

Why is it that whenever you have the chance to improve our situation you always do something stupid?

My first interaction with the likes of the MAP community was in a long defunct image board in 2015-16. And guess what. There were teenaged females in that board… Until some idiot doxxed them. And what did the MAPs do? Ban any teenager entering the board!

Their first chance to interact with a teenager who didn’t oppose MAPs and it was being a jerk. Of course most of the involved parties assumed it wasn’t a MAP but a feminist who doxxed the unfortunate one. That doesn’t mean they became a really easy target by not being effective in guaranteeing the safety of the “minors” they dealt with.

Then your next example of massive idiocy came as a result of the aforementioned incident. Of all the ideas you could come up with, you had to pick joining forces with both feminism and the LGBT lobby (Not LGBT people, but rather a bunch of activists who use them as crutch) through using their same tactics, even coining the term MAP as a form of euphemism.

One must be far too stupid to join forces with those who hate them. But so you did. Using their methods, actually talking to these people, expecting yourselves, and by extension us, to get things done the way these people who hate us did.

At least be honest. If you’re a pedophile, you are not a MAP, you’re a pedophile. And if you’re not into prepubescents, well, you’re not a MAP, you’re a normal person. Just because the age of those double D breasts is 13 doesn’t mean they stop being a nice pair of gazongas. You’re normal. Not a MAP.

Then you even brought your own moronic flag, just like the rest of the LGBT lobby. And to worsen it your flag looked worse than the stereotypical pedophile symbols once promoted by TV and then adopted by actual pedophiles.

And the explanation of what the flag represents is so shameful it shouldn’t be. If you want a decent political movement you need a decent symbol. And that one is not. It is uncreative and yells “I’m a fucking pedo!”, whcih is exactly what you don’t want to yell. Especially if you bring that euphemism in.

Then you start your activism on Twitter and use the same talking points of feminism and the LGBT lobby. At this point I defected from your attempt at a movement. I realize you wouldn’t help us attain the freedom required to continue as a species. You wouldn’t help making postpubescent people legal. You would just polarize peopleand make things harder.

And so you did. Now everyone hates you and no one can have an intelligent discussion on the matter without “MAP” being used as an ad hominem. Even if you imply an age of consent of 16 is reasonable or acceptable (As Carl Benjamin did when arguing with Amos Yee) thanks to you it is impossible to get a single sliver of reason from anyone who is ignorant of the fact that such is the legal age in UK!

Amos Yee and Tom Grauer were polarizing, and too extreme in their behavior to earn us any benefit, but you, you are so counterproductive they look like better representatives of our interests. Yes. Amos “Babyfucking should be legal” Yee and Tom “Rape jokes that seem serious are so funny” Grauer are less polarizing than you guys.

And of course. If you assume children can consent, then they can also get raped. Since rape is sex without consent. But when a child is raped, and actually calls the cops on the abuser, you don’t denounce the abuser to dissociate from it. When a judge decides the child consented even after the child protested, and thus her rapist goes away without sentence. Radio silence from you! You need to oppose those things! You need to actively protest them because you need to prove you are not child rapists and you actually respect the right of children and young adults to self determination. But you stay quiet, and thus your detractors use that as proof of you siding with rapists.

What inspired me to write this was the latest case of MAPs opening themselves to trouble.

I was watching this video in which they spoke of a case ofin which a teenager actually decided to go to a meetup with MAPs… And then went missing!

To be honest, I don’t know how the case ended, and the “teenager” could be a catfish. But you didn’t react. Someone goes missing in association with you and you don’t investigate the alleged teenager’s whereabouts. Radio silence is all that comes! You don’t even prove that person was a catfish!

I cant’ believe how stupid you are! You just opened yourself to accusations of kidnapping a teenager. Or even worse. One of your “allies” actually kidnapped someone! Whatever it is, this is what your opponent wants! To prove you’re a threat to anyone under 18. And you’re handing it to them.

You don’t understand the importance of having “minors” actually siding with you and proving you are no theat to them, no more than anyone else at least.

NAMBLA, despite their morbid idiocy, at least undestood that one. Of course, they sought prepeubescent homosexual males, so they didn’t get what they needed to improve their image.

But you MAPs are so stupid you don’t realize all you need is some young adult age 13-17 to be on friendly terms with you and maybe in a functional heterosexual relationship with someone older (But not past a 20 year age gap since that’s harder to sell). And whenever that someone shows up, you harm that person, scare that person away, or just pretend that person doesn’t fucking exist!

And so you give to your opponents all the ammunition they need to hurt you! I know you mean well. I know we have common goals. I know you don’t mean to hurt anyone (Unless you are with a masochistic lolita). I know 90% of you are not dangerous, evil, or harmful to teenagers or even children. But 95% of you are fukcing idiots! Fucking idiots who will do all things in the worst way possible and end up with the worst reputation any movement could get!

People hate you as much as they hate NAMBLA. And what was one of your first plans discussed in that board? Cooperating with NAMBLA!

That’s why I dissociate with you. It is not out of hatred, but out of risk assessment. Even if we were both campaigning for an age of consent of 12, even if I was campaigning for an age of consent of 14 and you were campaigning for an age of consent of 16, I’ll actively avoid joining forces with you. Because you are becoming a fucking liability by having no self control or awareness!

Please. Reconsider your previous mistakes and move on.

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