What Epstein did wrong.

Jeffrey Epstein was the Al Capone of lolita. A man who profited from the current age of consent laws in which a fully fertile male and a fully fertile female can not be together if the arbitrary numbers don’t match their age.

Since he basically trafficked young women to please men, he is often seen as a sort of hero to those who want change in this authoritarian society standing against male sexuality. Just like Al Capone was seen as a hero to those who wanted booze in his time.

However,just as Al Capone, Epstein was wrong. Not only he favored, and supported, the same people who kept the prohibition working, since that meant he could make profit, he also took part in human trafficking.

Let us set the age of his targets aside. Human trafficking is wrong, no matter the affected people’s age. She can be 9, 12, 20, or even 55, and it will be wrong, regardless of age. He also allowed the seuxal freedom of many to remain cut in order to keep his business afloat.

He backstabbed his fellow men, and sold women to the rich ones. That is unacceptable. That is not the goal of liberating male sexuality from the filthy grasp of feminism. What he did not only kept the insanely high age of consent as it is, but also prevented men from having what they desire, youthful fertile women.

Jeffrey Epstein was not a hero, he was a traitor to male sexuality, and even worse, someone who made profit out of his treason. As such, men should also frown upon him, not for his sexual preferences or the age of his victims, but because he ensured there was scarcity in a safe environment to keep his business going.

He didn’t help men, he helped feminism.

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