Reset the counters!

Recently I was talking to someone regarding a man we both know, a male feminist that is, and she mentioned how hard it was to be taken seriously by him because of his evident opinion on women as less capable than men in all senses.

I laughed and told her “You took a while to notice! He’s a male feminist! Of course that was bound to happen!”

To her my statement was almost comical, and just reiterated my stance on feminism, which I have mentioned several times before to anyone I know so far. However to me it was a reminder of the fact that all white, and blue, knights are so only for the sole purpose of covering their own twisted world view.

I was sincerely not surprised at all by her statement. I knew he had a very negative opinion on women, often covered as support of them. He will often speak of how oppressed women are and as such how justified the behavior of feminists is, yet at the same time I know a few rotten acts he has brought upon the women he so champions.

It is yet another example of the usual, a reminder that not a single male feminist is such for a reason other than covering his own insecurities regarding women.

As someone who used to be such, I can tell it is a 100% guaranteed thing.

2 thoughts on “Reset the counters!

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    Holocaust21 was taken down by wordpress.

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