A matter of power

Voting age, age of consent, drinking age, driving age.  What do they have in common? Well. They’re arbitrary. They are not made to prevent anything.

The age of consent is 12 in some places, 20 in others. And guess what? People under that age engage in sex anyway.

The voting age tends to be near 18, but most people won’t even vote.

Driving ages vary, sometimes as low as 14 or as high as 18. Still teenagers hijack vehicles and drive without a licence.

Drinking ages go between 16 to 23, and to no one’s surprise, people under those ages are actually more prone to get hammered. In fact in the US it is 21, yet still it is people between the ages of 15 to 20 who get hammered at nightclubs.

Then what is the purpose of age based laws? Power. In case anyone forgets, feminists, and in general social engineering advocates, are obsessed with power. Therefore they seek to build a system based on power.

Humans reach adulthood biologically at different points in time, and as such someone at age 14 might be an adult while someone at age 20 is still a child. However since what matters here is keeping young people safely away from “power”, they make sure people under an arbitrary age, often people who are not yet fully indoctrinated in the plan, have no influence in society.

Teenagers have their freedoms robbed, so do men, for the sake of an oligarchy which is focused around power even when it comes to emotional bonds.

Ironically this harms the ones it claims to protect.

Voting ages based on arbitrary numbers lead to complete adult children voting for some idiot who offered free cake monthly, and then get backstabbed.

An age of consent above the line of puberty won’t prevent 15 year old females from sleeping with men twice their age. Instead it will create a black market where they offer their virginity for big cash or where criminal organizations sell them as cattle.

Driving ages don’t prevent teenagers from driving. They just either pin the blame of their fuckups on their parents or make them fuck up big when they reach the legal age.

And finally drinking age, which is as retarded as the age of consent, set at an arbitrary number, just makes people ruin their lives via bootleg alcohol or, if they wait until they are “adults”, binge drinking.

These age based laws were not meant to prevent young adults from harming themselves. That was just the excuse. They were made to bar them from real life for longer, to keep them socially as children and arrest their development.

No wonder why the same people who advocate for such laws often advocate for using hormone blockers on “trans children”. They don’t want them  to figure out their way in life, they want to keep them as children for longer.

Because in this society children are powerless, adults make all choices for them, and since teenagers are not biologically children, they yearn that power, no, that freedom, adulthood grants them. They want to be adults and make choices in life.

By infantilizing teenagers, and then even preventing them from becoming biological adults, these people want to keep them away from the decision making process for as long as possible, and therefore control their lives.

Abolishing all age based laws, not just the age of consent, is in the best interest of young adults, and against the interests of feminism.

One thought on “A matter of power

  1. octaevius says:

    So true. All humans who believe in these “law and order” approach, whereby they decide which behaviors by which targeted group they wish to make illegal; only increase the population of prisoners within the “Private for-profit” run penitentiaries. This is because laws actually have very little affect on human behavior. All humans will act as they do based solely upon their individual desire, ability and intent. No humans will do this or that, based upon their physical age, gender, tribe, sexuality, race, religion etc. Only 200 years ago, practically all of the drugs that result in long-term imprisonment today, were legal.
    Age-based laws predilection is an assumed lifespan that all humans will have, which is completely false. There are no Minor Humans and Major Humans. You all live together at the same Space/time and are therefore all equal humans. How long before we witness an end to arbitrary laws invented by those whose interest is served by country internment, currency slavery and these absurd laws that only increase prison population of targeted minorities?

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