It is all about them.

Let’s face it. Feminists and puritans are narcissists. All the changes they impose on the law, all their censorship, it is all to prevent us from looking at something else.

There are many women who reach past 25 unmarried and whose character is way too horrible to bear, and they don’t want men to look at younger, and, or, more likeable women.

It is not that their rival is 15 and clever, or 30 and motherly. It is that there is a rival. They don’t want to ban them because they are different, but because men prefer them.

Be it a teenager or a “mature” woman. Womanly, charming, friendly, motherly, and energetic women will always be preferable to bitter, narcissistic, overly competitive, hostile, passive women.

Wanna see proof? Just say you don’t want a 30 year old CEO focused on her career and with no interest in motherhood, and you will see a flood. Even if what you want is a 30 year old MILF, all those CEOs will be angry. Because what they want is to make sure you want THEM.

It is all about them.

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