Sticking to the plan.

As online censorship becomes stronger and the rights of all users are crushed by the most vile intentions I am remind why I fight and why I have been speaking up offline.

I might have not reached as many people offline as I do online, but I am certain of one thing. If I refuse to yield, no form of censorship can stop me.

What I speak is the truth I gathered after years of research, a truth hidden in plain sight and poorly buried by feminists who, like the most basal animals, couldn’t even bury their own shit and carry it on their feet instead.

I unearthed things most people do not care to find, but as long as I can speak, I will tell the truth to everyone, and nothing will stop me.

I am not in for “long term goals” neither am I in for “personal gain.” I am here to restore the sanity of everyone and expose the lies spread by feminism. And that is the most noble cause I could ever fight for.

I know many others among the ones I once called allies have either thrown the towel or lost any possible traction. But I won’t yield, even if I must take a literal soapbox and yell “The age of consent in this country is 14 and used to be lower!” in front of a crowd, I will not give in to fear nor give up. I will fight back against the lies made up by feminist propagandists.

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