Youth rights taken into account.

Even though the reform in consent laws is part of the male sexualist end goal, there is another faction which must discuss this matter.

Youth rights will benefit from such a reform. One of the reasons to set a high age of consent is controlling young people. It has nothing to do with protecting them, but rather infantilizing them.

An infantilized youth is easily manipulated and used for whatever agenda is held by the feminists and puritans in political places.

They consider youth freedom, and anyone who is no longer compliant to their will, a threat. Any teenager who is able to consent is also able to both refuse consent and reject ideologies.

If teenagers can consent they are capable of independent thought. As such they become anathema to the authoritarian puritan feminists. However if teenagers can’t consent, and are still held as children, they must comply and obey, and as such they won’t be allowed to display independent thought.

An example of their fear to teenage independence and freedom was seen recently, when a teenage public figure expressed opinions that are not compliant to the mainstream stance and narrative, and soe that person was targeted by smear campaigns, with claims of their stance being mere “4-chan brainwashing” and accusations of being a Nazi.

The powers that be fear youth rights and teenagers thinking for themselves. It is a slippery slope they can’t allow. They make sure teenagers are under the age of consent because that way they will be pushed into compliance and obedience, back to the indoctrination machine.

I won’t believe those people who say it is wrong for a man in his 30s to court a 15-17 year old woman, when they say they want to protect children. They are NOT interested in protecting children. They want to control teenagers and make them obedient to their agenda. Otherwise they would be protesting the disgusting glorification of prepubescent boys in drag doing sexual things on stage.

In fact they protest sinister pixels representing women ages 12-17 as if it was harmful to them if they performed on their own free will, while applauding an 11 year old boy in drag doing a stripshow in front of a bunch of old men.

I will write further on the later, but remember, as usual boylovers stand against male sexualism. And they are sided with mainstream media against youth rights and teenage independence.

It is time we unite for the freedom of young adults and adults on paper.

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