A few reasons why I won’t support boylove and you shouldn’t either, even if you are into that.

I was asked if I was O.K. with boylove or NAMBLA by someone a few weeks ago. My reply was simply “No.” And there are reasons to just throw them under the bus. I support young love in general, but I will never endorse “boylove”. I will provide you an explanation for my motives.

1.- I can not support sex with prepubescents, since I would rather avoid such a thing. I prefer to stay neutral to it, but I can not support it. And since most boylovers focus exclusively on prepubescent males, I won’t support them.

2.- It is a bad PR move. Anyone who supports male sexualism risks being associated with far left movements if there is any positive stance on boylove.

3.- I oppose sexual activities with no eventual intent of reproduction. I firmly believe people should form families once they are ready. Any homosexual act is not reproductive, and from that stance I oppose it. While I just act with indifference to homosexual acts, I won’t speak in favor of literal homosexual pedophiles. It goes against my goals.

4.- They threw us under the bus in the past. They did so to gain brownie points with feminists and LGBT communities. I am not going to side with a faction which offers me no benefit and is willing to throw us under the bus, and in fact it makes more sense to pay them back.

Boylove groups such as NAMBLA, just like the pathetic castrated males of VirPed, who would rather hope for feminist organizations to feed them scraps than act as free men, are a dead weight to male sexualism or any movement that seeks to remove the social stigma imposed by feminism on natural male sexual preferences.

9 thoughts on “A few reasons why I won’t support boylove and you shouldn’t either, even if you are into that.

  1. A few reasons why I won’t support boylove and you shouldn’t either, even if you are into that (Drako L. Bluewing) | Male Sexualism Archive says:

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  2. Thomas K. says:

    Yeah, I understand where you’re coming from.

    My position is that we should tolerate the boylovers (we should not shun them), but they should let us do the propaganda; most people are very deeply viscerally disturbed by the idea of a grown man fucking an 11-year-old male teenager, so that stuff should not be shoved in their faces.

    Still, boylovers are quite strongly marginalized, so I wouldn’t rule out an alliance with them completely.

    What is definitely true is that they had their chance, and they blew it. NAMBLA is indeed a colossal failure. So now it’s the turn of someone else — i.e. we, the Male Sexualists — to take the struggle upon ourselves.

    • Exactly! That is why the title says “even if you are into that”. Especially when dealing with young love as both a form of youth and male sexuality, it is important to avoid focusing on the most controversial aspects. It is easier to make it evident that a 30 year old man marrying a 15 year old woman is healthy than explain why a 20 year old man emotionally attached to a 10 year old lad is harmless.
      And as mentioned earlier, due to its homosexual nature, many public boy love groups were tricked into harming themselves by the feminist aligned LGBT society.
      An act of unintended self sabotage that made male sexualism necessary.

  3. Commander Kirov says:

    Come on. Grow up, kid. You’re a goddamn waste of sperm and eggs. And don’t think this is just a random trolling or I’m a pedofag. Just you’re another alt-right fool incapable of reasoning and arguing any of your positions but with outdated fallacies, so stop talking nonsense based of nothing and start reasoning, do yourself a fucking favor.

    • I am not even interested in the alt-right. And where have I been incapable of reasoning or arguing? I see no counter argument other than “Fucking pedo” or “Fucking misogynist” or ” Just you’re another alt-right fool”.
      I have rarely found myself in a situation where I really need to debate someone. Even here, I see nothing but attacks on my person.
      All things stated here have evidence, and in fact a simple search could lead to it. I am just too lazy to post all cyted documents or actively record all anecdotal evidence. Not to mention all information from anecdotal sources is intentionally kept anonymous because while I feel no fear over that, most of the participants of my anecdotal events are afraid of coming out.
      I know not who you are, but I am glad at least you didn’t come with violent words. That I recognize as a difference from my usual detractors who either suggest I perform acts of violence or speak of performing them.

  4. DJ TRASHporn ! says:

    I disagree with some things you say but glad you spoke your mind sir.

  5. Yure says:

    If sex is penetration, nearly no boylover is going to support it. If you read Paedophilia: a Factual Report and Paedophilia: the Radical Case, you will see that most pedophiles don’t want any penetrative active with children whatsoever. Just remember that most child sexual abusers aren’t pedophiles in the first place. If you like children and feels romantic about them, you won’t want to do something that can be potentially or certainly harmful to them. As a child, I was fondled by my father. But I can’t say that the experience was negative. If you think I’m making this up, see the following link.
    Plus, you say that you don’t support any forms of sex that don’t have reproduction as primary goal. Does that make you against safe sex?
    On a positive note, however, I like how you seem to put NAMBLA above VirPed. After all, VirPed is all about perpetuating status quo.

    • I understand your point. I do not oppose safe sex. I just do not support activities such as homosexuality. I won’t go all out against homosexuals, but I will never speak in support of them beyond supporting their freedoms.
      It is not something personal against boy-lovers, but about the current manifestation of their camp.
      In the end I seek an increase in everyone’s freedom and that includes them.
      In fact NAMBLA seeks to make a change. I just oppose their methods, which is mostly what I oppose in regards to boy-love groups. They seek a change, but selfishly seek it only for their camp and ally with anyone.
      VirPed are… A lot worse than any other young-love modement.

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