The unspoken truth.

This week, as usual, I met a guy, and as expected he mentioned his interaction with a woman. He mentioned she was underage, and said “I hope you don’t find it weird.”

That was my call. I went on to crimson pill the fuck out of that guy! By the time I was done we were joking about angry spinsters crying because we are dating better women.

The thing is, he said he felt no one would understand, and feared speaking up. Well. Every single man I know has a preferred age range from 10, at its lowest, to 30 at its highest.

The truth is every man was a fertile, or soon to be fertile, wife. And once they cease being fertile (often hit the wall by that time) they will no longer want them.

I told him I decided to go for the big info dump on him because it was time we admitted our own sexuality, demonized by society nowadays, before we got killed for just greeting a woman with a polite smile.

What is at stake here is too great to let it go to waste, and most men won’t speak up. So, if you are reading this, speak. Face the enemy before it gets you. End this cycle of lies that spreads rapidly around the world. End the cancer created by feminism, lest your children suffer a fate worse than yours.

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