Disagreement as a source of accomplishment.

I am a very controversial figure, especially when it comes to my stance on age gaps between lovers and my stance on spirituality. With that said, and without delving deeper into those, I can tell I have a very controversial stance on disagreement.

Whenever a group of people start pushing for an endeavor as a team, there will always be disagreement, and I have seen that happen quite often. In most cases it is generally solved, but on occasion it leads to intrigue, infighting, or purge of “dissenters”.

As a general contrarian, I have been “purged” quite often from many circles, and found myself in conflict with former “comrades” on different matters. Recently I have taken the banner of male sexualism so to speak.

While I have always been clear with my end goal being to end the demonization of men, end the demonization of age gaps, end the government supported abuse of men, and overall give freedom to all, I am well aware different people in the same circles of male sexualism and anti feminism in general disagree with me on many, if not, most points.

I incline to support such disagreement, for a hivemind is what one should avoid. Cohesion and teamwork are great, but once dissenters are removed, restraint ends, and we see how that went for other movements in the past.

Especially feminism, the incarnation of all negative aspects of women (There are positive ones, in case you ask), has become an evident hivemind where any dissent is met with hostility. That of course gives them a lot of power, but also caused their current downfall since no one stopped them from doing what they do the best, ruining things, including their own movement.

Recently I read somewhere that male sexualism began to slowly adopt an anti porn and “no fap” stance so to speak. Well. That is a cause of worry for me as an individual. Honestly, if we take any freedom away from men in terms of sexuality, that is a reason of concern. Even if it is jacking off to a drawing of some fictional character, if male sexuality is restricted… Well… i don’t feel like that would be something I, as a male sexualist, would campaign for.

Of course, I am not telling people what to do, or what to think, but sincerely, porn and masturbation existed before feminism, so with all due respect, as someone whose sole purpose is to undo all laws imposed by feminism (Including any age of consent above 14), I won’t act against porn, and if that makes me controversial in yet another circle that is fine, and worthwhile.

I firmly believe such disagreements and resulting discussion are necessary for any team effort to function. Because, if even one single member of the team has a valid counter argument for or against something, it should be discussed, lest we become what we detest. Narrow minded dogmatic idiots who believe they are the only carriers of truth and entirely unable to make mistakes or wrong assumptions. Anyone who finds itself in the delusion of being immune to criticism risks causing great harm, especially when calling for a greater good.

Proving each other wrong leads, on the long run, to higher success rates than all agreeing to crash into a wall as feminists, especially aged up ones do in many senses. Hitting the wall is not a manly thing to do.

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