From a volcel to the incels of the world.

Look. Many of you are probably either resentful volcels who feel the world failed you or actual incels who are held back by either society or yourselves.

To those screwed over by society or biology (Born without a penis makes you a guaranteed incel, so does born disfigured), there is little advice I can tell you. Mostly because all you can do is try to fight back against society, but you won’t defeat biology. Sadly if you are born dickless, your best hope is biotechnology.

But for all those volcels and incels who lack confidence, well, let me tell you one of the most important things to realize is that the current sex market is broken. You should understand your worth is higher than media tells you. Even if you are not a footlong cockmonster hunk, you are much likely normal in looks, and have other traits to your advantage. Most females have none.

That is a fact. Most women have only their bodies to offer to the world, and once they are past the wall, they are done for good. But for men there is no fucking wall. Why? because our body is not our only tool to climb up in society. We can, and should, work hard to achieve our goals.

If you are ugly, work out. You will slowly notice your own sex market value the healthier you get. If you think you are stupid, study, and keep an eye on those “equal to you” and see how you are actually more intelligent than they are because you actually tried to be smarter and they didn’t.

We are expected to be something we can’t be by modern feminist societies. But the truth is, that only diminishes the sex market value of men. And once we start believing in ourselves we understand two things. First, being a volcel is better than having low quality sex with a dozen of femoids. Second, it is more likely that you are a volcel who resents the vast amount of low quality women than an incel.

After all, most men are capable of pleasing their sexual needs on their own, but they seek women to complete emotional and intellectual needs, and the amount of imbecilic femoids produced by feminism and mass media are the reason we feel frustrated, sexually, emotionally, and intellectually, even when we have a woman in our bed.

You owe women nothing, and they owe you quite a lot if they are like the average femoid, so start acting like you own the world.

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