Yes he’s back. Back again.

Tommy’s back. Tell your friends.

Tom Grauer, someone often antagonized by many due to his constant showmanship and his willingness to take one for the team and drag his own reputation to levels never seen of disdain and humiliation within the manosphere, has returned.

One of the pioneers of male sexualism and one of the first proponents of a manifesto, as well as a few core tenets by which most male sexualists abide, has returned. This time with his own written manifesto, which, unlike his on stage persona, is quite serious, straightforward, concise, and lacking of the most intentionally inflammatory proposals he made in the past to push his opponents into an angry fit.

This time he addresses the core of Male Sexualism. Whether you agree or disagree with his positions, which in the case of this manifesto I mostly agree, he is indeed part of the paradigm shift we need as a world to recover from the damage caused by feminism.

While I myself have limited interest in writing a manifesto, I am glad he did deliver on this project he suggested back in late 2017 and early 2018. After basically a year, it is out, and I will leave the link below.

Radical Male Sexualist Manifesto

3 thoughts on “Yes he’s back. Back again.

  1. Guy Incognito says:

    Traducelo al español así podemos ponerlo por todo internet y lo podrán leer miles de personas, el español lo hablan mas de 500 millones de personas, por qué sinó casi nadie tendrá ganas de leerlo.

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