I did notice.

Well. Every now and then I pay a visit to The Antifeminist. In a recent article it was stated there was no audience and nobody noticed his long period of absence.

Well. I did. And since I did, I feel a moral obligation to make sure more people read those articles and become aware of what’s going on right now.

Many have fallen, but we must win.

Read the article over here.



Of evil nature.

I find it strange, whenever I stop to think about it, that sex is considered evil, impure, and dirty.

One of the main reasons sex under the age of 18 is considered taboo comes from the notion that “children must remain pure”. However why is it that sex is considered impure or damaging?

I always refuse to make any statement about sex which would imply it is wrong, since I consciously seek to deprogram myself from that made up notion. Sex is natural, sex is the way in which humans form other humans, sex is the origin of us all.

Such a thing could not be wrong, evil, impure, and it is as dirty as you allow it to be. There are dirtier things we do on a regular basis which many of us just pass as if they were fun, or don’t think of. Working out is dirty. Partying is incredibly dirty. And don’t get me started on the resulting habits of drunkness such as public urination.

Sex is not inherently dirty, and keeping a good hygiene overall takes that aspect away.

Then come the notions of evil and impurity. Where do they come from? It makes no real sense to think procreation, or the resulting pleasure, bring harm. Not to a pubescent human at least. Yes. I’m well aware a child, as in a prepubescent human, might suffer harm due to the way organs are configured before puberty. However that means it is not evil or impure. It represents a risk. A risk which is completely gone by the age of 14, and generally absent at the age of 10-12 in females.

Considering this fact, maybe we should educate children on the real risks sex represents, instead of notions of fiery damnation and evil.

This notion of sex as evil, impure, twisted, is harmful to society, and is creating a mentally ill culture in which truth is kept from people for the sake of purity. As usual it is the puritanical ideology deeply ingrained in feminism, and in almost all Western ideologies, which harms us.

And before anyone starts saying “But my ideology isn’t puritanical”, let me remind you even communism has a puritanical set of precepts, and in fact is more puritan than any form of capitalism. How? Replace the church with the party, and you will see how capitalism turns into sin, and so does pleasure. After all, any and all puritans detest pleasure. That might be what made sex taboo to begin with.

Am I alone in this now?

Today I went to check The Antifeminist. His content is quite useful, and he was the only one left. Holocaust 21 has been gone for a while. Heartiste was cut off, probably because he offended the right people, and Tom Grauer… He was not very reliable to begin with. Well. Today something was different. The Antifeminist was gone. The domain expired, and without a domain, his site is now out of reach. I don’t know what caused this, but I’m glad the wetware hard drive inside my skull still holds an archived version of most of his content. Sometimes having a good memory pays off I guess.

With him gone, I don’t think there’s anyone out there fighting back against the demonization of male sexuality as far as a I know. I’m alone, maybe for good this time.

Until recently we both have been writing irregularly, mostly on a monthly basis. And without him I don’t know if I’m up to the task of holding the duty on my own. This won’t be easy, it won’t be nice, but I know one thing. Even if I am censored, I will look for a place to spread my knowledge anywhere else. After all, I have slowly noticed people are no longer as stuck on the false narrative anymore. Even with that idiotic “MAP” movement getting in the way, and even with the rotten femihags obstructing our goals, we will win in the long run. All I wonder is if there will be someone reliable enough to help me carry the weight of this task.

I’m not even including guys such as Elvind Berge and Nathan Larson as reliabe, because they just lost their minds a long time ago. One in part due to divorce rape, the other because he has been holding on to his “valuable fluid” for so long it probably went rancid.

In the end, I’m a single man fighting a horde of orcs. Of feminist orcs who seek to control men, and young women, in order to advance their rotten agenda.

I just hope, if there’s anyone out there still fighting back, that we regain the strength we lost by the departure of all those valuable men.

MAPS should go suck a dick.

Last week something caught fire in my region, and then it died out in about three days.

There was a “MAP movement” prowling on social media, trying to hang on the alphabet soup movement and all. They even had their own striped flag, with pastel colors.

Predictably, it failed. First of all the alphabet soup movement has been always against straight guys who like younger women, even back when they were the LGB rights movement. Also keep in mind the globohomo movement likes only homosexual pedophilia.

As such a bunch of pedophiles and non pedophiles calling themselves “minor attracted persons” would be quickly pushed away from those political movements.

Their second mistake was trying to use the tactics of those who hated them the most. Even their euphemistic name was just pathetic. Come on! At least be straightforward about your intentions! If you find prepubescents sexually appealing, you’re a pedophile. Otherwise you’re not. So, first of all start dividing the pedophiles among you from the rest.

If you lump pedophiles together with non pedophiles, it will make things harder to you all, and will lead to conflicted goals. If one of you just want to destigmatize the entirely natural interest in teenagers, and the other is a pedophile, that will lead to conflict.

Finally their third mistake was being pure cringe. They literally used the same tactics of those who hate them, and tried to form an alliance with the LGBT lobby and its feminist-Marxist owners. They were doomed from start, and now they face the consequences of their stupidity. I hope we all learn from the mistakes of the “MAP community” and understand we can’t try to ally with the very same enemy who changed the laws against us.

Those imbeciles just made it harder for us to end the feminist programming, all thanks to their attempt at joining forces with the enemy, and continue the conflation of pedophilia with things that are NOT pedophilia.

Feminism is a disease.

This was evidence by its comorbidity with the current pandemic threatening our planet.

While everyone was on lockdown, trying to take safety measures to survive the current downfall of society, a bunch of feminists engaged in a public march, which worsened the infected numbers in Spain.

The act was so harmful now the Spanish political organization tied to it, Unimos Podemos, faces accusations of causing harm to the country.

Feminists were so focused on their political cause, and gaining power, they forgot they had to stay home, and stay safe.

We don’t know how many got infected by that public protest, or how many innocents got infected thanks to some stupid femihag spitting at them. What we know is feminism is a disease with comorbidity to deadly, infectious pathogens.

A day without feminism.

March 9th was quite special in my country. There was a nationwide women strike… Of which only feminists took part.

And in the absence it was 24 hours of a more enjoyable life.

Yes. There is an increase in crime, which affects both men and women. But while everyone else tries to solve it, only feminists whine and worsen the matter.

They excused that dumb strike under the premise that their absence would make it evident how bad the crime rates were. Well. It didn’t help. It just made them more evidently detestable as everyone took a break from them.

To hell with feminism.

Time to speak to the real pedophiles.

Listen, you filthy pedophiles. Anyone who isn’t a pedophile can tell the difference between a 4 year old, a 10 year old, a 12 year old, and a 17 year old.

Actually let me rephrase that. Anyone who isn’t a pedophile can tell the difference between a child and whatever is NOT a child. That is, a child has no secondary sexual characteristics.

A female child has no breasts, armpit hair, or pubic hair. A child has no menses. A child is a prepubescent human.

As such a 17 year old, or even a 13 year old, is, under normal circumstances, not a child. Only a pedophile, especially one who obsesses over childhood, would extend that period far beyond puberty. Why? Because pedophiles do benefit of a high age of consent.

Well. Not all pedophiles. But the pedophiles we should look at with disgust do. Of course you won’t expect one of those unfortunate no contact pedophiles desiring anything more than not being hunted down by society, and those pedophiles who want to be open about their preference, and active, do want the same goal as I, but for different reasons.

Whereas I desire to reform the age of consent worldwide, and actually make it not based on age,  but on biological development, actual pedophiles want to lower it below puberty. At least I expect they are more capable of reasoning than those closet pedophiles who want to increase, or preserve, the age of consent.

Those pedophiles seek to keep postpubescent humans as children before the law for the purpose of creating an environment where they can perform the shadiest acts and still gain support from men who are desperate to relieve their natural preferences.

Those pedophiles are the kind of people Epstein spent time with. They want people to think liking 17 year olds (Legal in New York), 14 year olds (Legal in several countries), and 9 year olds is the same. They want to make sure you get called a pedophile for looking at a teenager and finding her attractive.

That way you will go to them and ally with them under the same banner.

Well. Not I. I won’t form alliances with anyone but my own, even though I won’t attack anyone directly unless they trample on my goals.

I have seen how the entire male sexualist movement falls apart as its figureheads go into hiding or take stances which actually benefit the real enemy of men. I have seen how both anti feminists (With the exception of one named such) and men’s rights activists cave in to feminism upon the shrill cries of “Pedophilia” coming from women past their prime.

I have seen everyone acting to the benefit of pedophile human traffickers by keeping the current age of consent, just as they would have acted to the benefit of bootleggers during the 20s alcohol prohibition.

You, fucking pedophiles, closet pedophiles, supporters of ages of consent higher than 14, you are the ones who would drink bathtub gin in the 20s. Those who were patrons of Epstein’s shady business. Those who support prohibition and hate yourselves behind closed doors.

So I will talk to you, pedophiles. If you’re going to stay pedophiles, start by speaking the difference between young adults with secondary sexual characteristics, and what you like, prepubescents. And if you’re going to stay as you are, stop supporting high ages of consent and stop supporting the resulting black market.

Will I support any change that allows prepubescents to be involved in sexual activities? No. Probably I won’t. But I would rather see you speak honestly than have you hindering my goals.

Because right now it is a matter of who we are allowed to fall in love with, but as long as we don’t fight back against feminism and the laws it imposes, the femihags will try to bring back that same 20s booze prohibition. No joke. They have already suggested so.

A nasty c*nt is all they could ever be.

I had considered many things for this month’s article. I could have written about feminists suggesting to ban alcohol (again), or about how the grifter known as Chris Hansen has found warmth in the grifter known as Onision. Both contributors to sexual abuse statistics and predators acting as morality police to everyone else. (One preys on men and the other on women).

But I found a calling from somewhere else. I had to write about it since femihags will often claim we, men, are obsessed with our penises. Well, then explain the following.

Why is Gwyneth Paltrow selling a candle scented like her vagina. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Yet another feminist past her prime doing something to get attention, with her cunt.

While most men just want to enjoy their lives and careers, marry someone younger than themselves, and form a family, and while most women tend to find some points of agreement with that desire, often finding contention only in the part where men’s lives and careers do not connect to themselves, feminists have a bizarre obsession with their reproductive organs.

Only Gwyneth herself and her unfortunate employees at the suggestively named company “Goop”, also owned by her, know how they managed to get the stench of her cunt right into a candle. All we can tell it is disgusting.

Even though men do not find the smell coming from a female in a sexual context, nobody but the most degenerate Hollywood elites would want te genital stench of a 47 year old feminist actress, and no man but the most immature manchild with morbid curiosity and no sexual experience would want a candle with vaginal smell of any kind.

Men do enjoy that smell within a sexual context, and as such will prefer that of their partners of choice. So why are feminists so obsessed with their own cunts as to make stuff such as scented candles, bread and yoghurt using yeast taken from their yeast infection, pussy hats, or literal cunt costumes?

Why? Why are they so centered around their genitalia despite claiming we are? Could it be, perhaps, that they are just narcissistic assholes who detest men, and younger women, because they won’t pay heed to their presence?

Sincerely I got no idea! The only thing certain for this humble writer (Yeah, right. Humble! Don’t make your readers laugh, arrogant prick!) is that once we get rid of feminism, there will be less people obsessed with their own genitalia, and more people loving that of their sexual partner.

Until then, stay in tune, because the war is far from over. Even though most might have gone defunct, I stand proud.

What Epstein did wrong.

Jeffrey Epstein was the Al Capone of lolita. A man who profited from the current age of consent laws in which a fully fertile male and a fully fertile female can not be together if the arbitrary numbers don’t match their age.

Since he basically trafficked young women to please men, he is often seen as a sort of hero to those who want change in this authoritarian society standing against male sexuality. Just like Al Capone was seen as a hero to those who wanted booze in his time.

However,just as Al Capone, Epstein was wrong. Not only he favored, and supported, the same people who kept the prohibition working, since that meant he could make profit, he also took part in human trafficking.

Let us set the age of his targets aside. Human trafficking is wrong, no matter the affected people’s age. She can be 9, 12, 20, or even 55, and it will be wrong, regardless of age. He also allowed the seuxal freedom of many to remain cut in order to keep his business afloat.

He backstabbed his fellow men, and sold women to the rich ones. That is unacceptable. That is not the goal of liberating male sexuality from the filthy grasp of feminism. What he did not only kept the insanely high age of consent as it is, but also prevented men from having what they desire, youthful fertile women.

Jeffrey Epstein was not a hero, he was a traitor to male sexuality, and even worse, someone who made profit out of his treason. As such, men should also frown upon him, not for his sexual preferences or the age of his victims, but because he ensured there was scarcity in a safe environment to keep his business going.

He didn’t help men, he helped feminism.

Reset the counters!

Recently I was talking to someone regarding a man we both know, a male feminist that is, and she mentioned how hard it was to be taken seriously by him because of his evident opinion on women as less capable than men in all senses.

I laughed and told her “You took a while to notice! He’s a male feminist! Of course that was bound to happen!”

To her my statement was almost comical, and just reiterated my stance on feminism, which I have mentioned several times before to anyone I know so far. However to me it was a reminder of the fact that all white, and blue, knights are so only for the sole purpose of covering their own twisted world view.

I was sincerely not surprised at all by her statement. I knew he had a very negative opinion on women, often covered as support of them. He will often speak of how oppressed women are and as such how justified the behavior of feminists is, yet at the same time I know a few rotten acts he has brought upon the women he so champions.

It is yet another example of the usual, a reminder that not a single male feminist is such for a reason other than covering his own insecurities regarding women.

As someone who used to be such, I can tell it is a 100% guaranteed thing.