I did notice.

Well. Every now and then I pay a visit to The Antifeminist. In a recent article it was stated there was no audience and nobody noticed his long period of absence.

Well. I did. And since I did, I feel a moral obligation to make sure more people read those articles and become aware of what’s going on right now.

Many have fallen, but we must win.

Read the article over here.



5 thoughts on “I did notice.

  1. DJ TRASHporn ! says:

    I checked The Antifeminist too recently and appreciate you keeping the word around. Every little bit counts. WP just nuked my own blog as of today but carry on we must. Thanks for what you do Drako.

  2. […] gone unnoticed (even by me!), but it appears it wasn’t true, as this gentleman confirmed in his excellent blog, added to my now pruned link […]

  3. Anonymouse says:

    I noticed it too. When it came back up i figured it was just a glitch

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