Of evil nature.

I find it strange, whenever I stop to think about it, that sex is considered evil, impure, and dirty.

One of the main reasons sex under the age of 18 is considered taboo comes from the notion that “children must remain pure”. However why is it that sex is considered impure or damaging?

I always refuse to make any statement about sex which would imply it is wrong, since I consciously seek to deprogram myself from that made up notion. Sex is natural, sex is the way in which humans form other humans, sex is the origin of us all.

Such a thing could not be wrong, evil, impure, and it is as dirty as you allow it to be. There are dirtier things we do on a regular basis which many of us just pass as if they were fun, or don’t think of. Working out is dirty. Partying is incredibly dirty. And don’t get me started on the resulting habits of drunkness such as public urination.

Sex is not inherently dirty, and keeping a good hygiene overall takes that aspect away.

Then come the notions of evil and impurity. Where do they come from? It makes no real sense to think procreation, or the resulting pleasure, bring harm. Not to a pubescent human at least. Yes. I’m well aware a child, as in a prepubescent human, might suffer harm due to the way organs are configured before puberty. However that means it is not evil or impure. It represents a risk. A risk which is completely gone by the age of 14, and generally absent at the age of 10-12 in females.

Considering this fact, maybe we should educate children on the real risks sex represents, instead of notions of fiery damnation and evil.

This notion of sex as evil, impure, twisted, is harmful to society, and is creating a mentally ill culture in which truth is kept from people for the sake of purity. As usual it is the puritanical ideology deeply ingrained in feminism, and in almost all Western ideologies, which harms us.

And before anyone starts saying “But my ideology isn’t puritanical”, let me remind you even communism has a puritanical set of precepts, and in fact is more puritan than any form of capitalism. How? Replace the church with the party, and you will see how capitalism turns into sin, and so does pleasure. After all, any and all puritans detest pleasure. That might be what made sex taboo to begin with.

2 thoughts on “Of evil nature.

  1. Anymouse says:

    Thank you for writing this. My own thoughts: labeling sex as evil – it seems like people (most people) focus on the most negative aspects of something rather than look at what’s good with it.
    The good that men do outweighs the evil they do.
    How many black lives have been saved by the police?
    Yet, all we hear about are rapists, murderers and police shooting black people.

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