Am I alone in this now?

Today I went to check The Antifeminist. His content is quite useful, and he was the only one left. Holocaust 21 has been gone for a while. Heartiste was cut off, probably because he offended the right people, and Tom Grauer… He was not very reliable to begin with. Well. Today something was different. The Antifeminist was gone. The domain expired, and without a domain, his site is now out of reach. I don’t know what caused this, but I’m glad the wetware hard drive inside my skull still holds an archived version of most of his content. Sometimes having a good memory pays off I guess.

With him gone, I don’t think there’s anyone out there fighting back against the demonization of male sexuality as far as a I know. I’m alone, maybe for good this time.

Until recently we both have been writing irregularly, mostly on a monthly basis. And without him I don’t know if I’m up to the task of holding the duty on my own. This won’t be easy, it won’t be nice, but I know one thing. Even if I am censored, I will look for a place to spread my knowledge anywhere else. After all, I have slowly noticed people are no longer as stuck on the false narrative anymore. Even with that idiotic “MAP” movement getting in the way, and even with the rotten femihags obstructing our goals, we will win in the long run. All I wonder is if there will be someone reliable enough to help me carry the weight of this task.

I’m not even including guys such as Elvind Berge and Nathan Larson as reliabe, because they just lost their minds a long time ago. One in part due to divorce rape, the other because he has been holding on to his “valuable fluid” for so long it probably went rancid.

In the end, I’m a single man fighting a horde of orcs. Of feminist orcs who seek to control men, and young women, in order to advance their rotten agenda.

I just hope, if there’s anyone out there still fighting back, that we regain the strength we lost by the departure of all those valuable men.

3 thoughts on “Am I alone in this now?

  1. Tom Grauer says:

    I think that we’ve all said everything that we had to say about these issues. Notice that even those few Male Sexualists who are still active, don’t post all that much. It’s because there’s no point repeating yourself an infinite number of times. Okay, correction: You can repeat yourself endlessly, if you have an audience that is thriving and growing. But if not, then you’re just talking to the wind and agreeing with yourself, which is futile and pointless. We need to find a different niche than Male Sexualism, because it’s already been done to death, and everyone involved (including myself) seems to be a nutcase. But seriously, we need to find a different audience and expose our ideas to that audience. Perhaps the Alt-Right or someone else who is amenable to being Red-Pilled about new subjects.

  2. galileo2333 says:

    Have a look at this bitchute channel.

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