Time to speak to the real pedophiles.

Listen, you filthy pedophiles. Anyone who isn’t a pedophile can tell the difference between a 4 year old, a 10 year old, a 12 year old, and a 17 year old.

Actually let me rephrase that. Anyone who isn’t a pedophile can tell the difference between a child and whatever is NOT a child. That is, a child has no secondary sexual characteristics.

A female child has no breasts, armpit hair, or pubic hair. A child has no menses. A child is a prepubescent human.

As such a 17 year old, or even a 13 year old, is, under normal circumstances, not a child. Only a pedophile, especially one who obsesses over childhood, would extend that period far beyond puberty. Why? Because pedophiles do benefit of a high age of consent.

Well. Not all pedophiles. But the pedophiles we should look at with disgust do. Of course you won’t expect one of those unfortunate no contact pedophiles desiring anything more than not being hunted down by society, and those pedophiles who want to be open about their preference, and active, do want the same goal as I, but for different reasons.

Whereas I desire to reform the age of consent worldwide, and actually make it not based on age,  but on biological development, actual pedophiles want to lower it below puberty. At least I expect they are more capable of reasoning than those closet pedophiles who want to increase, or preserve, the age of consent.

Those pedophiles seek to keep postpubescent humans as children before the law for the purpose of creating an environment where they can perform the shadiest acts and still gain support from men who are desperate to relieve their natural preferences.

Those pedophiles are the kind of people Epstein spent time with. They want people to think liking 17 year olds (Legal in New York), 14 year olds (Legal in several countries), and 9 year olds is the same. They want to make sure you get called a pedophile for looking at a teenager and finding her attractive.

That way you will go to them and ally with them under the same banner.

Well. Not I. I won’t form alliances with anyone but my own, even though I won’t attack anyone directly unless they trample on my goals.

I have seen how the entire male sexualist movement falls apart as its figureheads go into hiding or take stances which actually benefit the real enemy of men. I have seen how both anti feminists (With the exception of one named such) and men’s rights activists cave in to feminism upon the shrill cries of “Pedophilia” coming from women past their prime.

I have seen everyone acting to the benefit of pedophile human traffickers by keeping the current age of consent, just as they would have acted to the benefit of bootleggers during the 20s alcohol prohibition.

You, fucking pedophiles, closet pedophiles, supporters of ages of consent higher than 14, you are the ones who would drink bathtub gin in the 20s. Those who were patrons of Epstein’s shady business. Those who support prohibition and hate yourselves behind closed doors.

So I will talk to you, pedophiles. If you’re going to stay pedophiles, start by speaking the difference between young adults with secondary sexual characteristics, and what you like, prepubescents. And if you’re going to stay as you are, stop supporting high ages of consent and stop supporting the resulting black market.

Will I support any change that allows prepubescents to be involved in sexual activities? No. Probably I won’t. But I would rather see you speak honestly than have you hindering my goals.

Because right now it is a matter of who we are allowed to fall in love with, but as long as we don’t fight back against feminism and the laws it imposes, the femihags will try to bring back that same 20s booze prohibition. No joke. They have already suggested so.

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