I don’t feel any regret.

Whenever I remember I used to be yet another blue pill (and blue knight) male feminist “ally” from my mid teens and until the age of 23, I feel no regret at all. Actually I feel I was given a greater advantage over feminists.

First of all, I became a male feminist because both media, and my peers, made me a huge blue knight, when you are 15 and everyone calls you a pedophile for saying a 10 year old girl is cute, you feel there is something wrong with you (Bet you will realize how minute the age gap is once she turns 20 and you are 25) when the wrong thing is not you, but society.

Well. Maybe it was because I had a very low SMV back then. Fat, no muscle, meek, hairy (I hit puberty at 9, and by the age of 14 I had a full beard), poor, probably had no actual value to any woman, young or old. Maybe I just felt guilt over liking younger females. Maybe I was just horny and desperate and wanted to bang some random chick.

Or maybe it was because of all of the above. But I made the mistake of lowering my SMV even further by becoming a male feminist. And I don’t regret it. Because I can enter the mind of every single male feminist thanks to that. I know their fears, I know their goals, and I know they all got a skeleton or two in the closet, or they are in the closet (Here we include normal men called pedophiles, not just gay guys).

I learned all of the talking points of feminism, and the way male feminists acted (Trying to lower the SMV of men instead of increasing their own). I learned, and often by hands on approach, all the shit they do, believe, and support.

And as such I know how wrong they are.

Back in 2013, when I began to pull out of the system, I conducted research on every single thing feminist holds as true. It was in fact because I had a class on feminism in college that I got somewhat red pilled. The more I read and became “educated” in feminism, the less I could side with it.

Eventually, during the periods of 2014 to 2016 I began to read on the actual impact of feminism, and the views of those against feminism. Byt 2015 I was not just red pilled, but far beyond that (What my circle would call crimson pill). I was not yet part of the male sexualism movement, but I understood male sexuality better than I did in my teens.

I found Ernest Belfort Bax’s texts during 2015, and realized I was neither a pedophile, nor a monster, and I no longer felt the guilt that got me into feminism. I no longer felt I was no different from some psycho who raped a 6 year old kid. No. I was a guy who courted a 16 year old woman and failed because of his own insecurities and mistaken views.

I began to seek self improvement, spiritually fists, and my mind healed, at least mostly, by shedding all the lies feminism sold me. By 2017 I was already working out and got a job (From which I would be fired because of my views on collectivism) and eventually began to notice a small circle of men, mostly from countries out of the anglosphere, who were resisting the demonization of male sexuality.

I got the proof that all male feminisms either just want to fuck or want to cover a sex crime or guilt (Even if no one was harmed, after all they were convinced their sexuality is evil). And I can use it to push against feminism, so I won’t regret being a male feminism, because I am no longer such, and I know how to fight against them. I know what makes them tick, and I know how to stop their hearts with the simplest words.

2 thoughts on “I don’t feel any regret.

  1. Miguel says:

    I fight against the trivialization of pedophilia. Hate groups trivialize pedophilia to demonize natural sexuality (especially of men).
    Every female, which ovulates, is highly attractive to a male. The mean age of menarche is 12, not 24.
    Female puberty begins around age 9, not 18.
    This is obvious. An Indian understands.
    Female attractiveness begins to increase around age 9, peaking at around age 14. Then it begins to decay.

    • Indeed, there is truth to that. You see. People are spreading lies to favor the feminist agenda, and curiously enough the gay pedophile agenda of groups such as NAMBLA.
      Now. Being honest, I don’t care about what people feel sexually attracted to. But I consider the notion of sexual availability should be based on both puberty and the personal choice of the participants. Not an arbitrary number set by a fetishist or a puritan.

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