The origins of hysteria.

In my constant idle musings I understood why people fall into the state of pedo hysteria we live in nowadays, and why I did not. They protect their own from themselves.

Most of these people who are more prone to concepts such as “stranger danger” or “pedophile vans” are not precisely good people. They are moral people, that is for certain, but they will gladly enact hideous deeds if morally allowed. As exemplified in the violent manner in which they threaten anyone who defies their status quo.

Many of them claim of doing to “pedophiles” (many of them just guys who like women 12 and up) what they claim pedophiles do to children. They list all the many ways in which they would gladly rape and torture a “pedophile”, often explicitly stating hideous acts such as mutilation and what could only be described as extreme sexual violence.

Their imaginary narratives, which I refuse to repeat due to finding them disgusting, would fit the label of ultraviolence. They seek, deep inside, a excuse to enact all those horrors. And as such when they see their children in proximity to an “adult”, no longer “innocent” or “pure” to their wretched eyes, they feel a sudden pang of fear born from the idea that the man before them could turn out to be like they are. A monster with repressed violent urges.

It is of course something not reserved to men, since women are also capable of, and more prone to, performing acts of vile and cowardly violence. Of course due to their physical and societal limitations women tend to be the intellectual authors of such horrors, with a male accomplice carrying out the acts. As such women tend to react violently to that fear of a man who is as rotten as they are more often than men do.

But who is to blame then? Some children are born just as rotten as the most crooked criminal, and start their life of crime even before hitting puberty. Examples of such children are heard in nearly all educational institutions. One or two students during the school’s history who raped or murdered a classmate, or who was known for acts of animal abuse, only to end up in jail upon reaching “adulthood” (In quotations since we speak of legal terms and not biological terms).

These people leave a negative stain in society, and the rest of the population, who are moral yet not good, recognize them as the part of their own they detest, and adscribe their evil to those who are not like them.

They consider anyone they see as equal a threat to their children, because they are a latent threat to society, only restrained by morality. And no matter how pure and kind any innocent man is, as long as the morally righteous yet mentally ill mob sees them as equal, they will be guilty. As such they foam from their mouths whenever they see a decent man with a woman they see as “too young” because they believe the man will act the way they do and take advantage of her.

It is the most evil people who fuel and preserve pedo hysteria, as well as rape hysteria and any other hysteria. They are a societal disease that makes other people evil and make everyone distrust each other. Meanwhile they benefit from such hysteria, creating an environment where their mental rot can spread.

#MeToo is their creation, so are age of consent laws. They create these rules that apply to everyone, no matter how kind and harmless they could be, to prevent their own evil from going unbound.

These hysterical people are the ones who will do something horrible if they think they can get away with it. They require morality, and as such laws such as the current consent laws, to not commit those crimes they so fear would befall on their peers.

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