The tolerance paradox.

A guy I met yesterday brought something to me that I found fascinating. He spoke of the importance of tolerance in society, which I incline to disagree slightly on, but he also mentioned the tolerance paradox itself. That is, will you tolerate intolerance or abuse then? If being tolerant is important, how far will that go?

Well. The thing is, tolerance is a mistake in many cases. Abuse in fact is one of the things that happen if one becomes way too tolerant. People who willingly allow abuse for the sake of being “good people” are unhealthy and harm themselves and others. Generally speaking such people are willing to censor and criminalize harmless things to prevent “offense” to certain groups.

There is also another error resulting from tolerance, which happens due to excessive well behavior. That is allowing those who misbehave to do so. Allowing evil and injustice to happen because one does not want to be intolerant or “abusive.”

This is often seen in how women behave in Western societies. Since the standards are too low, they are willing to engage in harmful behavior such as punching men for no reason, provoking fights, or causing property damage. All because kind hearted, patient, and tolerant men in their environment refuse to act as if it was a man who is doing that.

My solution sounds extreme and could lead to accusations of sexism, but it is functional. If a woman does something that would lead you to punch her were he a male, punch her too. Do not hesitate, do not allow misbehavior, cruelty, or injustice, just because the perpetrator is attractive. Same crime, same punishment.

Men and women are not equal biologically, and often not even socially, but if there is something in which equality should, and on paper does, take place, is when it comes to punishment. Because in terms of an act what matters are both results and intent, and as such if there is ill intent and there is harm, there is a crime, or at least an unacceptable act.

Do not let your girlfriend spit on the face of a random guy she got mad at. Do not let your sister break a window in a fit of anger. Teach them to be adults, responsible ones, the way you teach men to do so.

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