I am slowly growing tired.

Recently I got a link to information regarding a page called savejames.com. I won’t go into much detail, but the page is a protest page regarding the case of a boy, age 6, who is being forced to become a girl by his deranged mother, who gained custody of him after a divorce.

I am tired of this shit to be honest. It is unacceptable. All these cunts who say they want to protect children from “muh pedophiles” because a guy in his 30s was seen engaging in hand holding with a 15 year old women are the same bastards who support the chemical castration and mental torment of a 6 year old boy.

These degenerate paedocrites do not care about children, or women for that matter, they care about their own twisted agenda of social control and mental manipulation. They distort truths and facts are discarded easily by them.

But what worries me are not these monsters, but the NPCs who blindly follow their shit and ruin people’s lives. Their evil would be irrelevant if they didn’t have an entire NPC army allowing them to perform their crimes. It is the lack of action and passivity coming from most people which has allowed them to do as they please.

I have made it overtly clear, prepubescents, that is children, should never have something imposed on them and should never have body modification performed on them. If some dumb ass 13 year old wants to ink his arm and get a cheap dick shaped tattoo is not my business, and if a 12 year old wants to pierce her ears and nose and wear rings on them is no one’s business, but when some wretched femoid decides to chemically castrate a 6 year old boy the moment he turns 8 and forces him to pretend to be a girl, with institutional support, then that IS my business and I will take a stand.

The boy doesn’t want this, it is all the arbitrary madness of his sick femoid mother who had twins and now, on what could not be described as anything but sickening depravity, decided she wanted one of the twins to be a girl.

This case, if true, is simply unacceptable and maddening and reminds me why I keep this blog and why I fight. This is an act of sexual abuse against the boy, perpetrated, as usual from a femoid.

People attack me for saying it is not a bad thing is a woman age 12-17 decides to date, or even marry, a man who is 10-20 years her senior. That same people call me bigot because I say it is wrong for some degenerate femoid to force her 6 year old child to undergo sexual modifications.

And yes, I have declared my position that anyone who has reached puberty is a biological adult and no longer a child. Complain and moan if you want, but considering you are siding with those who want to butcher an actual, prepubescent, 8 year old, just learning what life is, child, you are the ones in the moral low here.

One thought on “I am slowly growing tired.

  1. octaevius says:

    There is only one truth. Throughout history We find examples of discrimination based upon the physical age of a human vessel, gender, race, tribe, religion etc. We know that the past does not exist as it is intangible and cannot be altered. It is a lie that humans learn from the past. Today is important! Those who study the past will know that once in history all humans beyond age 6 years or so were regarded as full tribal members and went to the communal hut to be equals in duties. How human sexuality became an issue at all is a puzzle that I personally suspect deals with tyrants who steal personal power and then use sexuality, narcotics even manners as a means of distraction which We all know is a method of superintendence.
    All humans live at the same time… all are equal. All humans regardless of being pubertal or pre-pubertal have orgasms. This is a fact. It does not matter if they are dry… they are no less pleasurable. All are equal and may do whatever they wish in private as long as they cause no harm to others or to their environment.
    We as a human Race should all demand that each non-violent human presently suffering imprisonment and being used as a vessel to provide slave labour… is immediately released. Only together can we finally end Country Internment and currency Slavery and the evils dictators who govern and steal and invent more and more laws to imprison more and more non-violent humans. Using shame, fear and lies as weapons.

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