And here we go again.

Well. Grauer’s blog is down again. He’s the man who brought a little more light on the male sexualist movement, and in fact coined several terms in use within it. And as if it was to be expected, his blog is gone again.

With him MIA all I can tell is I expected that to happen. Each male sexualist must understand one thing or two. First, we must be strong on our own. We are a team, but if they take one of us down, the rest must carry on and keep fighting, even if we end up all alone. The second thing is the “Good Censor” is after us. We peak truths no one wants to listen, truths that defy the modern narrative controlled by feminists which are led by femoids and nu-males.

The enemy gained a lot of influence and power, especially since their bases of operations are located near most tech firms, but we can not just give up. Archive everything, even this post, and if something happens to me, know I will return with even more bravado, violence, and anger. I am angry, I have been angry for a decade already, and I will be angry for the rest of my life.

If I am hurt or silence, expect retaliation, clever and tactically planned retaliation. You can’t silence me, you can’t touch me without violating the law, and you won’t stop us.

4 thoughts on “And here we go again.

  1. Yure says:

    I jumped off the male sexualist wagon. I’m procrastinating a post with the reasons why. That doesn’t mean I stopped believing that the current sex legislation is trash nor does it mean that I have a problem with Grauer (nor does he has any problem with me). The reasons are unrelated to Grauer. I’ll continue criticizing sex hysteria and won’t at all criticize Grauer, whom I think is being persecuted for exercising freedom of speech. But I distanced from the movement. I’ll probably write the reasons in my own blog later tonight. But what they are doing to Grauer is very unfair. I don’t think he even committed any crime. Did he?

    • As fas as I know he did nothing. But his detractors do not really care about justice, so they would do anything to destroy him. I carry no label, but I do work with male sexualists, anti feminists, and many others because of shared goals.

      • Yure says:

        Holding no labels is the right thing to do, I guess. You are doing the right thing, or so I think.

      • Well. I work for what I consider the right thing. If I am mistaken, it would be proved by the end results. My end goal in regards to other is freedom and as little harm as possible. Therefore I do what I believe is right to bring those things.
        And my end goal in regards to my own person is having all things I want, which means my own freedom.

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