First they will com for them, then for you.

Every now and then I visit the male sexualist aggregator to see how that sphere of information is doing. This last time I tried to check on it something changed however. It was gone, and the warning said the domain would never be available again.

Well. You might think that is good news, but it is not.

I do not agree on everything with that particular sphere, but they brought important questions to the table and spoke against the, very unhealthy, status quo. Now that they are gone it will be harder to fight oppression.

Thanks to censorship it is impossible to move on as humanity. And if you think you are safe, you are not. I understand if you consider it unacceptable that someone speaks of rape favorably, I do so too. I consider rape a crime after all, and all crimes are unacceptable. However, given the fact that nowadays looking at someone the wrong way can be held as “rape” in some places, it is of utmost importance to create a discussion on rape laws and prevent many injustices.

As such the male sexualist movement is necessary. And if they are censored, the next one to be censored might be you. The moment you decide to question the status quo, if you allowed those who protect it to censor others, they will come after you.

You have been warned, many times, since 1830 apparently based on Ernest Belfort Bax. This current situation is unsustainable and might kill you all.

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