Justice for Karl Logan.

Recently it came to my attention that Karl Logan, member of the famed Metal band Manowar was arrested for ownership of sinister pixels and charged with third-degree exploitation of a minor.

Of course the hysteric modern society went after him and even demanded the band, who refused to follow such demands, to throw him under the bus even before trial.

From David Bowie having sex with a 14 year old groupie to now, it is well known that celebrities tend to dodge the whole pedo hysteria produced by blue knights. So the fact that Logan was hit means someone with ill intent entered the situation and acted against him.

It is worth mentioning that the band actually had lyrics that favored sexual acts with young fertile women, and that they probably didn’t judge Logan’s preference.

It is absurd to assume he never even let it slip that he liked women under 18 (Or 16 for that matter). So the logic is, despite his liking for fresher women, he never harmed anyone.

I understand the importance of respecting the law. But it is time we question who benefits for the persecution of sinister pixels. After all who benefited the most from alcohol prohibition were bootleggers, and there is a serious black market for sinister pixels right now.

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