Robert Lindsay met The “Good Censor”.

Robert Lindsay, a male sexualist I first heard of about one or two months ago had his blog terminated. A usual practice among the Western tech industry that will gladly unperson anyone who dares speak against the feminist narrative.

Lindsay’s blong had some interesting insights on the matter which hopefully were archived before the Good Censor paid him a visit. And to anyone reading this, Lindsay is first, you are next.

Yes. You heard it. Robert Lindsay is just one of the current casualties. Even if you are still a blue knight, or some bluepilled bloke, following the mainstream false narrative, the Good Censor will grab you by the balls.

A leaked Google memo from which the term “Good Censor” came from is making it evident the Western tech industry is willing to censor views in order to preserve the crumbling narrative concocted by feminism.

I sure hope Lindsay will return and keep providing useful information, preferably aiming at crimson pilling those blue knights and blue pill NPCs crowding the world, but first there must be a platform that actually supports free speech.

5 thoughts on “Robert Lindsay met The “Good Censor”.

  1. Robert A. Lindsay says:

    Thank you so much my friend. I just confirmed that radical feminists or radfems at a certain website got it taken down. They are over there celebrating it right now. The woman who got it taken down hates men so much she is almost psychotic. Actually that applies to almost all of them over there. A lot of these feminists hate us as much as Hitler hated Jews. I don’t think we can emphasize enough how dangerous their anti-male hate movement is for ALL men.

    I have been posting some inflammatory and even incendiary stuff against feminism lately, and I guess that’s why it got taken down. So WordPress is just a bunch of male feminist cucks like the rest of Silicon Valley.

    I have a site on Blogger that I will start up.

  2. Robert A. Lindsay says:

    Hi, WordPress contacted me and told me that some of my recent anti-feminist posts went over the line as far as they were concerned, if you want to know why I was taken down.

  3. Ashley says:

    Cheers! Terrific stuff!

  4. Absolutely with you it agree. Idea excellent, I support.

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